A View on Dapur Wawa

1. Reading dapur wawa is like reading someone’s blog. That is how i would describe Ika Madera’s writing. But an interesting one. There’s some drama some issues some heart moving moments some funny. It’s not your typical flowy novel, but really jumpy like a blog. With the recipes included, not much different from some blogs (like yours truly.. Heheh)

2. Since i had started reading Ika Madera’s blog, i know some of the events are based on real life ones and it’s not much different from my own. These parts really moved me, some to tears. The girl can really write sad parts.

3. I love Wawa, the main character because of our similarities – missing our Dads and splurge on the vanilla when cooking. Heheh.

4. Overall, I think Dapur Wawa could be better. But if you want a really light reading and curious about the recipes, (she tells u lots of tips fpr cooking, and i love the cucur roti), DO pick this book.

5. Now i have to go get Jet Jonah because some says it’s nicer and more interesting. I pray Ika Madera the best and won’t fall into the first attempt was the best trap like what happened to M. Night Shyamalan. Keep on writing (novels and Blog Ika Madera), Ms. Ika.

A Little Summary of Things

1. On 10.11.2012 we had a little mkn2 at mom’s place for afnan, since he would be circumcized the next day and imran’s 3rd bday on 11.11

2. Afnan was circumsized at the local clinic. I didnt go. Stayed home with baby U. He cried a bit at the clinic and a lot at home.

3. 13.11.12 went to Jusco with Sorfina and baby U. Supposed to go with mr hubby but Little N slept so just the 3 of us. First time going to public place with a carrier and baby U was quiet all the way except in the car, of course.

4. Baby U coughing was bad. She was due for her 2 mth jab anyway, so took her to the paed. Not good.. Had to take the gas thingy.

5. 16.11 was sorfina’s bday but cut cake on 17.11. Mom made a gift shaped cake. Sorfina’s friends whose bday on that saturday came and that was it.

6. 18.11 went to a wedding in Melaka. Had keria and laksa hj jalil and a klebang coconut shake. Awesome.


“susah jugak sunat ni ye”..
Itulah dialog Afnan pagi tadi masa aku tunggu dia breakfast dan makan ubat.
Pagi-pagi tadi selepas En. Suami keluar untuk pergi kerja dia menjerit memanggil aku.
“Ibu, sakit sangat ni..”
“Makanlah pain killer ye?”
“Ha, Afnan nak. Cepatlah ibu.”
“Tapi Afnan kena breakfast dulu. Makan roti dengan milo ye? Kalau tak nanti sakit perut.”
Afnan angguk jelah. Dah sakit sangat agaknya.

Aku bawakkan dia Milo dan roti Gardenia dan duduk tepi katil tunggu dia habis makan untuk bagi makan ubat pula.

“Susah jugak sunat ni ye.”
Aku senyum jelah. Tak tau nak respon apa. Semalam Afnan telah berkhatan di klinik berdekatan, sekali dengan seorang rakan sekelasnya, Iskandar. Itu pun setelah ditangguh dari tahun 2010 ke 2011 dan seterusnya tahun ini.

“Macam manalah Iskandar agaknya. Mesti susah betul dia. Masa Zal sunat hari tu dia tak cerita pun sakit lepas sunat. Dia cuma cakap sakit masa nak sunat tu. Dia sunat masa cuti sekolah dulu. Dia balik sekolah tak cerita apa-apa pun. Dia tak nak bagi Afnan takut agaknya.”

Geli hati aku mendengar bicara hati Afnan. Tapi aku layankan jelah. Semua orang (suami aku dan mak aku) sering beri respon seperti:
– jangan nangis
– tahanlah sikit
– sakit sikit je tu
Tetapi memandangkan aku ni baru je habis pantang, aku berasa lebih empati padanya. Cakap memang senang. Orang lain tak merasa kesakitan tu. Daya ketahanan seseorang tak sama dengan orang lain. Jadi, bila dia kata sakit, aku cubalah bantu mana yang boleh. Bukan aku nak manjakan dia seperti yang suami aku cuba gambarkan. Tapi kalau semua orang tak cuba empati dengannya mungkin semangat dia semakin kurang. Baiklah, aku akui, aku bias sebab aku ibunya. Apa-apa jelah.

Walau apa pun, aku syukur semuanya dah selesai. Ada rahmatnya juga tangguh ni. Dapat aku jaga dia dalam aku masih cuti bersalin ni. Kebetulan juga beberapa bulan lepas klinik yang kami pergi ni baru beroperasi. Jadi tidaklah terlalu jauh dari rumah. Kalau tak sempat bius habis sebelum sampai rumah.. Dengan enjut-enjut naik kereta, lagilah dia menangis agaknya.

Nazif nanti macam manalah agaknya.
Bila tengok macam ni, menyesal juga tak sunatkan dia masa bayi dulu. Entahlah.. Dah terlewat nak ubah. Tunggu jelah dia besar nanti dengan harapan lebih mudah daripada Afnan.

Uniknya Unaisah

Unaisah, the latest addition to the family was born on 12 September 2012. About 9 days earlier than the EDD.

What’s so different about Unaisah in comparison to the rest of her siblings?

1. Her blood type is O instead of A like the rest of us
2. Unlike the rest of the kids, she did not arrive over 3kg, but a mere 2.9kg. I know, not much difference.. But compared to the last one of 3.5kg, i found her to be small.
3. She has a dimple!

I wanted to write more but can’t seem to think right now. So i’ll just leave u with a pictire of the gal.


Molten Lava Cake

Afnan looooves lava cake.
The easiest one to get is from Dominos Pizza.
But the cake alone is close to RM9.
(Kedekut pulak.. padahal my tall latte costs more than that.. haha)
Anyway, inspired by the recent Masterchef episode recently (no, not the Malaysian version), I decided to try my hand at this. I mean, it only needs 5 ingredients.
It doesn’t need a mixer. And since today Unaisah behaves well (she’s the new addition to the family), I had time.
And succeedeed!! Yeay.. so gave me a reason, purpose to blog… Hahahahaha

Here’s the recipe that I tweaked from here.
(i cut the recipe to one egg).

Molten Lava Cake

2oz of dark chocolate (or any old cooking choc)
2 oz butter
Melt the chocolate over double boiler then add the butter
Put aside to cool

1 egg
20g sugar
Beat these till bubbly and slight foamy.
Add in the chocolate mixture.

10g flour
Blend into the chocolate mixture.

2 medium size Rameskin
Grease and flour the rameskin and pour chocolate mixture into rameskin.
This mixture is enough for two medium rameskin.
Since mine was smaller, it fitted into 3 small rameskin (just enuff for Sorfina, Afnan and I).

Bake in preheated oven for 10mins (15 mins max, else you wouldnt get that lava ooey goeey stuff. Maybe less for smaller rameskin). My oven was set to 180ºC. This slightly higher than the usual temperature I use to bake cakes. What you want is the outer to cook quickly, but the inside stays liquid.

So, there. Little ingredients. Little time. Minimum effort.
But a whole lot of deliciousness…
Sorry no pics though.

ps: what i love about the recipe is that it is easy to remember. Here’s my train of thought:
1 egg
Double oz choc = 2oz
Butter same as choc = 2oz
Sugar in gram, but same as above. 20g
Last, flour, half of sugar. 10g.
Easy, no?



Anyway, maybe this has been a stale issue, and everybody has pointed out their point of view. Am sorry am a bit late about this..

But after reading so many blogs and opinion, I have to state my case too..

About what? About the FIXI – PTS saga.

And the discussion about Bahasa Melayu Rendah / Tinggi.

Ironic isn’t it, that I’m writing this in English..

Well, let’s just say I wouldn’t want my writing to be labelled as high/medium/low.. and my opinion has nothing to do with the content of either publisher.

These are my points:

I don’t think it was right, Pn. Ainon. Why?

a. Because she is a publisher herself. And as aware as we all are about competitions, businesses don’t usually go out there and publicly put down your opponent/competition. People will see you as unprofessional and unsporting. Well, that’s how I see it.

b. There are people who respect you. As you would probably be using BMT, I’m sure your attitude should be as towering too.. But this action of yours says the opposite.

c. Being a publisher, she should understand that people’s taste varies. In everything. In music, in food, in fashion, in literature. Just because one thinks that rock music is crap and not art, unlike classical Beethoven, one should not go out there and say that other genre is rubbish and will destruct the nation.

d. And lastly, publishers are out there to make money and give opportunities, to the writers and readers. And they don’t all come from the same mould. So embrace that difference. Malaysia is not that big for any industry. So, let’s support and complement each other.

No? Well, I’ve had my say… Sekian.

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake, My Version

Remember I once (or twice) blogged about red velvet cake? There are so recipes out there.
But nothing really fits my tastebuds. Until, my birthday last year. Everyone said Anis’ cake was the best.
And I can’t agree less… It’s moist, it’s has that balanced taste of tanginess and cocoa.
But it was on the sweeter side for me. So I decided to try that recipe and altered it according to my taste.
And so, this is what I ended up with:

And little note before we start:

1. This version is a recipe that I altered from Rima’s blog.
2. For this recipe, I separated the egg whites from the yolk, an idea I got from the book, the Undomestic Goddes by Sophie Kinsella. I like the outcome of cakes from this technique as cakes become from fluffy and less dense. But some people prefer rich and dense cake (especially butter cake), so you may not want to use this technique. Or if you’re a LB like me, can just dump the single egg at one go like the original recipe.
3. It is best to use a mixer with a power of 250watt above, so that you don’t have to whip you egg whites forever to achieve the desired result.
4. I prefer to add color to the yogurt / buttermilk because it is less messy.
5. I’ve converted the measurements to metric so that I aim to get the same result everytime. But it’s ok if you want to stick to cups/spoons for quick and easy measure (like the original recipe).
6. This is just the recipe for the cake, not inclusive of the frosting/icing (typically me).

Enough ramblings, here ist the recipe:

Part A
113g / 4oz flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt (skip if using salted butter)
1 tbsp (about 3g or so) cocoa powder
Sift and set aside

Part B
1 plain yoghurt (1/2 cup) (or buttermilk: 1/2 milk + 1 tsp vinegar)
1 tbsp red coloring
Mix well, set aside

Part C
1 egg white
Beat till stiff, set aside







Part D
1 egg yolk
1 tbsp vanilla
2 oz butter
100g / 3.6 oz sugar
Beat butter and sugar till soft and fluffy (basically the coarse sugar)
Add in the egg yolk and vanilla and beat until well mixed.

Add in 1/3 of the flour mixture (Part A)
Mix well.
Aid 1/2 of the yoghurt mixture (Part B)
Mix well.
Repeat (A, then B) until for remaining mixture.

Fold in the white egg mixture (Part C) just till combined.







Part E
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp vinegar
Mix the baking soda and vinegar and with all that fizz, pour in to the cake batter.
Mix well.

Bake for 35- 40 mins for an 8×8 pan.
Or 20 mins for cupcakes.

beAbout a birthday, a recipe, a blog and a book.

Because of a book, now i am all pumped up to:

1. Update this blog, regularly.. hopefully.
2. Bake a carrot cake, one that I haven’t done for a long time.
3. Share a new recipe.

Which, insyaAllah in due time. Till then, here’s a little update:

I had just finished a new book.
Not a birthday present, but coincidentally, it arrived on the eve of my birthday.
Was supposed to receive it wayyy earlier, 3 months ago.
But it never came.
And Allah, He works in mysterious ways.
And here is the book, as a birthday present.

Thank you to Jemari Seni and Ika Madera for taking the time to post it to me, again.

Why is this book special?

It mentions this blog!
And the writer picked my carrot cake recipe (which i picked from YouTube) of all there are in the whole wide web.. to be printed in this book. (Tapi jadi sedikit berminyak.. which, kalau ikut recipe asal youtube tu mmg ye pon).
Wow, I am that special.. heheheh. (ok, dah berenti berangan.. bukan special pun).

disclaimer di sini: saya tak kenal penulis ni sebelum buku ini. 
saya takde pun pujuk² dia tulis pasal blog saya. 
tak pernah bercakap, apatah lagi berjumpa. 
eh tengok gambar pun tak pernah. 
sbb tu lah rasa special.. bila dia pilih saya.. 
oklah, blog/resipi dalam blog saya.

didAt first, I wasn’t too interested in reading. Just wanted to check out that page where Klynnismail is mentioned.
But I started anyway at page 1. Which wasn’t quite appealing.. and continued and on and on.
And I couldn’t put it down and the last page took me by surprise.
The writer, mentioned my name and thanked me, which I didn’t really do anything.

It was so sweet of you, Ika Madera. I am so touched.
This is definitely a memorable birthday.

Now about the book, lain kalilah review. (Sbb banyak nak cakap).
In short, kadang-kadang rasa tersentuh.
Kalau tak sabar, belilah.. tak mahal langsung. RM18 je!

 About the author:


Goodbye Dear Room, Goodbye My Friend

First entry of 2012 is in April.. Yikes! Hahahaha

Anyway, today is my last day of the first week at new office.

So unlike other places that I have been. The moment I stepped into the office, I had to run.
I was out of breath. Only today I had a moment to deeply inhale.
Even then, the ones waiting, couldn’t wait to unload the weight upon me.
Hmm.. not that I’m complaining.. I’m okay. Just that, I wasn’t totally prepared.
I have to thank my friends around who were there to support me.. in words and in the form of food (for energy).

And at this precise moment that I have the time to clear my old office.
I once said this about my office:

feels a bit weird.. needs getting used to kot. but i love it. even though masih bersepah-sepah. i love every inch about this room… even though so isolated from everyone else. tQ sape yang pilihkan bilik ini untuk KPSU KR G. tQ sape yang jadikan aku KPSU KR G. tQ for the parking space KPSU KR G tepi tiang (aku suka parking tepi tiang). tQ Faizol tolong alihkan almari yang sungguh berat dan menambahkan pengcahayaan bilik. Above all, Alhamdullillah. Note to self: Sila lebih bersemangat kerja. ☺

And those are the things I am going to miss.
I’ll miss its location, right in front of the exit door.
I’ll miss its spacious area.
I’ll miss the view.
I’ll miss the mirror.
I’ll miss the glass covering on my desk.
And most, I’ll miss it wide window.

Goodbye office, you’ve been good.

Apa Kata Ismail Adnan…

Sibuk nak pindah.. Sibuk nak siapkan paper.. Tapi nak tulis jugak. Ini je yang sempat.
Ikut luahan rasa, lagi banyak nak cakap. Tapi cukuplah ini dulu.
Walau ayah dah takde, tulisannya abadi. Al Fatihah Ismail bin Salimah.
Ini tulisannya empat tahun lalu.

Saya tujukan ini kepada YAB MB Johor.
Saya tujukan ini kepada  Prof. Datuk Dr. Ramlah Adam.
Saya tujukan ini kepada Tan Sri Dr. Khoo Kay Kim yang mempersoalkan latar belakang Ayah.
Saya tujukan ini kepada Pensyarah Fakulti Sains Teknologi dan Pembangunan Insan Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), Mohd Akbal Abdullah.
Saya juga tujukan ini kepada MAT SABU yang tak paham tulisan Ayah. Yang entah-entah tak baca habis pun rencana tu.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Beberapa hari lalu sebuah akhbar arus perdana melaporkan betapa seorang exco sebuah kerjaan negeri tergelak besar menerima surat daripada seorang yang sudah letih kononnya menjadi nabi untuk orang Melayu dan mencabar Yang Berhormat ini mencari penggantinya. Aku yang membaca berita itu pun turut tergelak sama.

Esoknya exco yang sama dilaporkan pula dengan kenyataan yang lain. Dia menuduh Ashari Mohamad, bekas pemimpin Al-Arqam menulis buku yang kandungannya untuk menghidupkan semula pertubuhan itu, dan mengagung-agungkan dirinya sendiri. Apabila ditanya pemberita sama ada dia sudah membaca buku tersebut, dia kata dia belum baca lagi, tetapi dengan bangga mengatakan dia yakin bahawa itulah kandungan buku tersebut. Kenyataannya membuatkan aku ketawa lebih besar lagi. Agaknya ketawa aku jauh lebih besar daripada ketawanya. Ashari sendiri pun agaknya turut tergelak besar jika dia membaca berita itu. Ketawa aku bukan kerana aku menyokong Ashari, jauh sekali dari pengikut Al-Arqam. Tetapi yang membuatkan aku ketawa ialah telatah pemimpin politik ini yang membukakan kejahilannya sendiri.

Aku pernah berhadapan dengan situasi yang sama. Aku pernah dituduh komunis semata-mata kerana aku menulis kisah tentang Mat Indera dalam sebuah buku tokoh terbitan organisasi tempat aku bekerja. Tulisanku itu berdasarkan kajian bahan-bahan bercetak dan temu bual serta pemerhatian dan perbandingan. Penasihat penerbitan tersebut, Profesor Emeritus Datuk Abu Bakar Hamid setuju rencana itu diterbitkan bagi menggalakkan orang ramai berfikir, di samping untuk dijadikan asas bagi kajian selanjutnya.

Bukan sebarangan orang yang membuat tuduhan itu. Antara mereka termasuk dua orang yang membuatkan aku bukan tergelak, tetapi sedih sesedih-sedihnya kerana mereka orang yang berilmu dan berkuasa. Seorang yang menuduh itu ialah seorang profesor sejarah, dan seorang lagi ialah senator dengan Ph.D luar negara.

Ramai teman yang membaca tulisanku itu mengucapkan tahniah, kerana menurut mereka, aku melihat kisah Mat Indera dari satu perspektif yang berbeza. Tetapi bagi mereka yang tidak membaca rencanaku mengatakan aku mengagung-agungkan komunis dan menyanjung perjuangannya. Masya-Allah. Tidak ada satu perkataan pun yang dalam tulisanku itu merujuk sebagai mengagungkan komunis, sebaliknya kutukan terhadap komunis yang aku buat. Tulisanku itu sebenarnya mengutuk komunis.

Kebetulan aku bertemu dengan orang yang hebat menghentam aku – seorang profesor sejarah. Aku tanya dia, “Profesor dah baca ke tulisan saya tu?”

“Dah!” jawabnya ringkas.

“Cuba tunjukkan bahagian mana dalam tulisan tu yang saya ni komunis?

Dia jadi teragak-agak dan cuba mengelak. Sebaliknya, dia dengan penuh emosi menceritakan betapa kejamnya Parti Komunis Malaysia membunuh orang dan merosakkan harta benda rakyat. Dan aku akur. “Bapa saya seorang polis pada zaman darurat,” dia bercerita hal lain yang tidak ada kaitan dengan persoalan pokok yang kami bincangkan. Dalam hatiku, kenyataan yang mengatakan bahawa bapanya seorang polis itu adakah satu kajian ilmiah? Atau dorongan emosi?

Aku tanya dia, “Adakah saya menceritakan kebaikan Parti Komunis Malaysia, Profesor? Adakah saya menyanjungi mereka? Profesor tunjukkan di mana dalam tulisan saya itu yang saya tidak mengutuk mereka?” Akhirnya dia mengaku bahawa dia sebenarnya belum pun membaca buku yang dirujuknya itu. Dia cuma membaca tajuk tulisan aku itu sahaja. Aku sungguh sedih mendengar jawapannya itu, lantas aku kini hilang penghormatanku tentang kepakarannya sebagai profesor sejarah. Aku menyimpan perasaan curiga terhadapnya. Kata hatiku, rupanya dia tidak ikhlas dalam kerjayanya. Rupanya ada udang di sebalik batu dalam segala usahanya. Maaf, mungkin ini prasangka buruk semata-mata.

Tetapi bagiku, itulah peribadi yang ada pada sebahagian pemimpin kita kini. Mereka menjatuhkan hukuman kepada sesiapa sahaja walaupun tanpa usul periksa. Sebabnya, mereka berkuasa. Memang bukan semuanya begitu, tetapi yang sedikit ini silap-silap boleh menjual negara, menggadai maruah bangsa, tetapi merekalah yang berkuasa. Berapa ramaikah lagi yang begitu?

Ingatanku: Kuasa itu amanah Allah. Kuasa bukan untuk menghukum orang lain sewenang-wenangnya. Gunakanlah kuasa itu dengan berhemah dan penuh keinsafan. Kuasa itu Allah pnjamkan kepada kamu buat sementara waktu sahaja. Peliharalah dengan sempurna. Dan Allah boleh tarik kuasa itu pada bila-bila masa dan memberikannya pula kepada orang lain.

Tetapi yang lebih penting, janganlah jatuhkan orang lain dengan memfitnah semata-mata untuk kepentingan diri sendiri. Sesungguhnya memfitnah lebih jahat daripada membunuh.

Aku merasa betapa kerdilnya ku. Aku insaf. Dalam keinsafan ini, aku muhasabah diri: Berapa banyakkah kuasa yang ada padaku telah aku gunakan untuk menghukum? Sejauh manakah aku sudah menghukum orang lain, termasuk anak-anakku sendiri, tanpa maklumat dan bukti yang sahih dan cukup? Moga-moga Allah ampunkan aku!

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