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beAbout a birthday, a recipe, a blog and a book.

Because of a book, now i am all pumped up to:

1. Update this blog, regularly.. hopefully.
2. Bake a carrot cake, one that I haven’t done for a long time.
3. Share a new recipe.

Which, insyaAllah in due time. Till then, here’s a little update:

I had just finished a new book.
Not a birthday present, but coincidentally, it arrived on the eve of my birthday.
Was supposed to receive it wayyy earlier, 3 months ago.
But it never came.
And Allah, He works in mysterious ways.
And here is the book, as a birthday present.

Thank you to Jemari Seni and Ika Madera for taking the time to post it to me, again.

Why is this book special?

It mentions this blog!
And the writer picked my carrot cake recipe (which i picked from YouTube) of all there are in the whole wide web.. to be printed in this book. (Tapi jadi sedikit berminyak.. which, kalau ikut recipe asal youtube tu mmg ye pon).
Wow, I am that special.. heheheh. (ok, dah berenti berangan.. bukan special pun).

disclaimer di sini: saya tak kenal penulis ni sebelum buku ini. 
saya takde pun pujuk² dia tulis pasal blog saya. 
tak pernah bercakap, apatah lagi berjumpa. 
eh tengok gambar pun tak pernah. 
sbb tu lah rasa special.. bila dia pilih saya.. 
oklah, blog/resipi dalam blog saya.

didAt first, I wasn’t too interested in reading. Just wanted to check out that page where Klynnismail is mentioned.
But I started anyway at page 1. Which wasn’t quite appealing.. and continued and on and on.
And I couldn’t put it down and the last page took me by surprise.
The writer, mentioned my name and thanked me, which I didn’t really do anything.

It was so sweet of you, Ika Madera. I am so touched.
This is definitely a memorable birthday.

Now about the book, lain kalilah review. (Sbb banyak nak cakap).
In short, kadang-kadang rasa tersentuh.
Kalau tak sabar, belilah.. tak mahal langsung. RM18 je!

 About the author:


Being 33

Yes, I am 33. And it’s great.
I don’t know why, but I think it’s better than 32 and I feel way more confident than 30.
Yes, I still have a lot of unorganized and unmaterialized plans, hopes and aspirations in head but I am more at peace with myself.
Today is not my birthday. Neither it is this month. It was last month. On the 2nd to be exact.

And typically me, I did not do an entry on that day, as I hadn’t the past years. Just so I would not forget, here’s to what happened, on and around my birthday month.

1. I decided to celebrate my birthday by sharing cakes I bake with friends at the workplace. At first I planned to bake 6 cakes. Why six? To commemorate my 33rd birthday 3+3=6. Alas, I can only plan. Dalam keheningan pagi (4 am), I realized I was out of eggs.. Hmm, so I stopped at 5. There was 2 cheesecakes, a marbled cheese chocolate cake, carrot cake and vanilla – coffee sponge cake.

2. Since I wasn’t expecting to receive any cake (the very reason to bake my own cakes), I was so surprised to find a red velvet frosted with cream cheese on my desk that morning. I was sooo touched, beyond words. Hampir menitiskan air mata. Seriously. (Plus everyone at home, my mom and sister said it’s one of the  best RV cake they’ve ever tasted. Compliments to the chef).

3. Not only that, someone else also baked me chocolate chip cookies. As she had remembered I love eating cookies, just too lazy to bake them. Thank you, Eny.. I really appreciate the thought.

4. Mom, last year gave me this beautiful embroidered telekung. This year she gave a pair of clothes (to be made into baju kurung) with matching scarf. Thanks Ibu, for always remembering.


5. Encik Suami, as usual did away with the surprise and just told me he’d buy me the iPhone for my birthday. But due to the hassle at his office, I received the phone 2 weeks after my birthday. Thank you, I love you.

6. And after so many years (3, or is it just 2) of planning an outstation birthday celebration with my birthday buddy (first it was Bandung, shortened to Singapore and finally settling on Batu Pahat), we managed to go on a road trip together. It wasn’t on our birthday, but the weekend after our birthday. And the agenda was of course, makan, makan and makan. I would do an entry on that some day.

So there, my 33rd birthday to remember by. ☺

4 Occassions that called for Cakes

1. Birthday Saya – 2 Jun 2007

These cupcakes were ordered by my officemate, Radin for my birthday, because I made him, from de`HearT Cupcakes. The cakes were delicious. Thank you to Radin, tahun ni belanja lagi eh…

2. My Daughter’s Birthday – 16 November 2007

Sorfina’s third birthday was on 16 November 2007. However, being the bad mommy, I ordered the cake a little bit too late. So, the baker could only take my order on the 19th November 2007. So, the little girl had her celebration at school on the 20th November 2007. Sorry, dear… this year mommy will do better, ya? Anyway, this wonderful cake was done by Kak Noresh from Baking With Passion. Sedap. Her brownies are wonderful as well. I brought to the office, my officemates mintak nombor phone nak order.

3. My Youngest Sister’s Birthday – 19 March 2008

Cupcakes from Seremban  Garden of Cupcakes

My youngest sister’s 17th birthday was on Wednesday, 19 March 2008. Since I didn’t get her anything, I ordered these cupcakes for her, a change from the usual Secret Recipe cakes. Thanks to the good people from OnePieceBakery in Seremban, the birthday girl was so happy. So were my kids. Excited! My other sister, dah request for her birthday in August pulak. The cakes were blueberry flavored. Nice.. different from the usual chocolate, kan. Thanks to Fazla and Hajar for taking my order, even though last minute. Expect more from me!

4. Last, my sister being home – Last weekend.

These were baked, topped and glazed by yours truly. Hari tu, my sister in JB was home for my mother’s birthday. I wanted to bake some cupcakes for the occasion. Unfortunately, my cute oven was too small to fit in the cupcake tray. So, I baked the cake in a square pan, later cut it into small squares, and put them in cups. Put some chocolate topping and conteng. Horrible, I know. Tapi sedap.. heheh. At least, adalah something for her to nibble while driving to Pasir Gudang. And no, yours truly tak ambik order. 🙂