A Little Summary of Things

1. On 10.11.2012 we had a little mkn2 at mom’s place for afnan, since he would be circumcized the next day and imran’s 3rd bday on 11.11

2. Afnan was circumsized at the local clinic. I didnt go. Stayed home with baby U. He cried a bit at the clinic and a lot at home.

3. 13.11.12 went to Jusco with Sorfina and baby U. Supposed to go with mr hubby but Little N slept so just the 3 of us. First time going to public place with a carrier and baby U was quiet all the way except in the car, of course.

4. Baby U coughing was bad. She was due for her 2 mth jab anyway, so took her to the paed. Not good.. Had to take the gas thingy.

5. 16.11 was sorfina’s bday but cut cake on 17.11. Mom made a gift shaped cake. Sorfina’s friends whose bday on that saturday came and that was it.

6. 18.11 went to a wedding in Melaka. Had keria and laksa hj jalil and a klebang coconut shake. Awesome.

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