If I were to do all over again, I would:

Remember this?
Over Aidil Fitri, I successfully made six cakes, over two days:
1. Cheese Marble Choc Cake – 2

2. Carrot Cake – 2

3. Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake – 1

4. Blueberry Cheesecake – 1

But of late, I can’t sit still thinking of red velvet cakes. Maybe it’s the “jolly” season.. maybe it’s the weather. I don’t know.. As I had written recently, I did go out and grabbed myself not one, but TWO of this baby.. but I was still unsatisfied till I baked it myself.

So, after two nights of incomplete ingredient, last night I made myself do it, despite of insufficient or suffiecient ingredients.

So, this was the end product:


This cake called for the creaming method, which I can’t remember the last time I did that. What came out, wasn’t as crumbly as I expected it to be. Thank goodness I used my good sense and halfed the recipe so that I would need just 1 egg. I wouldn’t feel so bad if it didn’t turn out right.

Anyway, if I were to do it all over again, I would:

1. Not make a paste of the food coloring and cocoa.
2. Instead sift the cocoa with the flour
3. Definitely use the pink food coloring again as I did here. I didnt have red on hand, just hot pink. And it turned out, the red is just nice.
4. Use just whipped cream with cream cheese instead of buttercream
5. Wait to see it bake, at least at the last 10 minutes.. instead of falling asleep which in the end the cake didn’t rise well, alas becoming a bit dense.

Red velvet, is still not my slice of cake.. yet. But maybe will try again.

Next project, cake pop?

4 thoughts on “If I were to do all over again, I would:

  1. umang ai.. kenalah aku try lebih banyak recipe.
    and not fall asleep during the bake.. hehe.
    boleh kot, since 7/12 tu cuti.
    tapi nak buat layer layer layer tu.. alamak.
    sungguh pemalas.

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