A View on Dapur Wawa

1. Reading dapur wawa is like reading someone’s blog. That is how i would describe Ika Madera’s writing. But an interesting one. There’s some drama some issues some heart moving moments some funny. It’s not your typical flowy novel, but really jumpy like a blog. With the recipes included, not much different from some blogs (like yours truly.. Heheh)

2. Since i had started reading Ika Madera’s blog, i know some of the events are based on real life ones and it’s not much different from my own. These parts really moved me, some to tears. The girl can really write sad parts.

3. I love Wawa, the main character because of our similarities – missing our Dads and splurge on the vanilla when cooking. Heheh.

4. Overall, I think Dapur Wawa could be better. But if you want a really light reading and curious about the recipes, (she tells u lots of tips fpr cooking, and i love the cucur roti), DO pick this book.

5. Now i have to go get Jet Jonah because some says it’s nicer and more interesting. I pray Ika Madera the best and won’t fall into the first attempt was the best trap like what happened to M. Night Shyamalan. Keep on writing (novels and Blog Ika Madera), Ms. Ika.

5 thoughts on “A View on Dapur Wawa

  1. thank you madam for such a sweet and honest review 🙂 hopefully the 3rd one will be better than the last two. amin! (the cucur roti with wholemeal bread is nice too!)

    1. sweet ke? auww, shucks!
      it took me forever to actually write it.
      mana ntah hilang mojo.. and u haven’t been updating your blog either..

      1. sweet, sebab very direct. i punya judgement of sweet is not jiwang karat words lol.

        lately been too busy with work, now dah free time sikit, should be updating more in between of my 3rd work. hopefully it’s ready soon!

        thanks for reading, appreciate it 🙂

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