Anyway, maybe this has been a stale issue, and everybody has pointed out their point of view. Am sorry am a bit late about this..

But after reading so many blogs and opinion, I have to state my case too..

About what? About the FIXI – PTS saga.

And the discussion about Bahasa Melayu Rendah / Tinggi.

Ironic isn’t it, that I’m writing this in English..

Well, let’s just say I wouldn’t want my writing to be labelled as high/medium/low.. and my opinion has nothing to do with the content of either publisher.

These are my points:

I don’t think it was right, Pn. Ainon. Why?

a. Because she is a publisher herself. And as aware as we all are about competitions, businesses don’t usually go out there and publicly put down your opponent/competition. People will see you as unprofessional and unsporting. Well, that’s how I see it.

b. There are people who respect you. As you would probably be using BMT, I’m sure your attitude should be as towering too.. But this action of yours says the opposite.

c. Being a publisher, she should understand that people’s taste varies. In everything. In music, in food, in fashion, in literature. Just because one thinks that rock music is crap and not art, unlike classical Beethoven, one should not go out there and say that other genre is rubbish and will destruct the nation.

d. And lastly, publishers are out there to make money and give opportunities, to the writers and readers. And they don’t all come from the same mould. So embrace that difference. Malaysia is not that big for any industry. So, let’s support and complement each other.

No? Well, I’ve had my say… Sekian.

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