3 Winnings in the Month of October 2008

I think October is my lucky month lah. Last 2 years I won a few bucks in the month of October too. Last year, can’t recall.. but anyway, last month I won cash, a goodie bag and book. Yeay.

♥Eksyen eh tunjuk kat blog? Takpelah, gua pikir la sendiri.

1. Cash from the Radio Contest – thanks Mi× FM.


2. A goodie back from Lit3 FM (yet to receive).


3. And, a book – Malaysian Book of the Undead, thanks to Amir Muhammad, of Matahari Books. This is, in my term, Kamus Hantu Malaysia. It is only RM20. It lists all the common ghost/jembalang known in Malaysia. It is compiled by Danny Lim. Read about the book here.

Malaysian Book of the Undead
Books Rafiqa and I won, 🙂

Signed by Danny Lim and Amir Muhammad 


3 thoughts on “3 Winnings in the Month of October 2008

  1. I will also have a contest for the Malay translation, which is called Kamus Pengetahuan Hantu Malaysia and will be released in less than a month 😉

  2. amir muhammad komen kat blog ko? power gile beb!

    p/s: oh, to amir (if u read this): i’m a big fan of your work. itu aje aku nak cakap

  3. stone: had i know earlier, i would have either ambik gambar bersama amir untuk tatapan kecemburuan kau (heheh) or get you a copy of the signed books, published by his company. maybe you can win the Kamus Pengetahuan Hantu Malaysia he was talking about.

    amir: bagi stonelah pulak menang. 😉

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