4 Weekends in the month of October 2008

  1. 4 Oktober 2008: Rest and Laundry from the balik kampung session.
    5 Oktober 2008: Wait for a friend to come to my house and visit hubby’s friend.

  2. 11 Oktober 2008: Visit (Raya kat rumah) former boss.
    12 Oktober 2008: Host Raya breakfast/brunch. Attend Safuwan’s Wedding at Dewan MPS.

  3. 18 Oktober 2008: Attend Zairin’s Wedding at Seremban, Aqiqah anak Nurul at Ampangan, Seremban, and Liza’s open house in Puchong.
    19 Oktober 2008: Free setakat ini. Silalah datang beraya ke rumah saya.

  4. 25 Oktober 2008: White water rafting in KKB. Weeehooooo!
    26 Oktober 2008: Party, party. Happy Birthday to you.

6 thoughts on “4 Weekends in the month of October 2008

  1. wow am interested with the last weekend? white water rafting? sounds fun? and whose birthday is it on the sunday? yours? hehe~

  2. K-Lynn,

    Sorry x dapat datang yesterday. We arrived quite late at Safuwan’s wedding already. Takut lewat sgt kalu nak gi rumah…we’ll meet again next time okey?

    Take care!

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