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Being 33

Yes, I am 33. And it’s great.
I don’t know why, but I think it’s better than 32 and I feel way more confident than 30.
Yes, I still have a lot of unorganized and unmaterialized plans, hopes and aspirations in head but I am more at peace with myself.
Today is not my birthday. Neither it is this month. It was last month. On the 2nd to be exact.

And typically me, I did not do an entry on that day, as I hadn’t the past years. Just so I would not forget, here’s to what happened, on and around my birthday month.

1. I decided to celebrate my birthday by sharing cakes I bake with friends at the workplace. At first I planned to bake 6 cakes. Why six? To commemorate my 33rd birthday 3+3=6. Alas, I can only plan. Dalam keheningan pagi (4 am), I realized I was out of eggs.. Hmm, so I stopped at 5. There was 2 cheesecakes, a marbled cheese chocolate cake, carrot cake and vanilla – coffee sponge cake.

2. Since I wasn’t expecting to receive any cake (the very reason to bake my own cakes), I was so surprised to find a red velvet frosted with cream cheese on my desk that morning. I was sooo touched, beyond words. Hampir menitiskan air mata. Seriously. (Plus everyone at home, my mom and sister said it’s one of the  best RV cake they’ve ever tasted. Compliments to the chef).

3. Not only that, someone else also baked me chocolate chip cookies. As she had remembered I love eating cookies, just too lazy to bake them. Thank you, Eny.. I really appreciate the thought.

4. Mom, last year gave me this beautiful embroidered telekung. This year she gave a pair of clothes (to be made into baju kurung) with matching scarf. Thanks Ibu, for always remembering.


5. Encik Suami, as usual did away with the surprise and just told me he’d buy me the iPhone for my birthday. But due to the hassle at his office, I received the phone 2 weeks after my birthday. Thank you, I love you.

6. And after so many years (3, or is it just 2) of planning an outstation birthday celebration with my birthday buddy (first it was Bandung, shortened to Singapore and finally settling on Batu Pahat), we managed to go on a road trip together. It wasn’t on our birthday, but the weekend after our birthday. And the agenda was of course, makan, makan and makan. I would do an entry on that some day.

So there, my 33rd birthday to remember by. ☺

A Little Update.

1. Today is the first day of school holidays. (Yeay!) On Friday I went to pick up C1 and C2’s report cards. C2 was ok. The teacher said she’s quite active and rather mature, compared to other kids. (Wow, dalam hati. Cikgu, you have no idea how dramatic she can be.. hu-hu.) Her performance is quite good, overall. C1 on the other hand, is getting worse. Academically. But in class, biasa-biasa je, says his teacher. He got 5Bs, and 4As. The As are at the borderline of B, and there’s one B at the borderline of C. Sigh…

2. So, I psyched C1 to attend this school holiday program for 7 days during this break. At first he was so reluctant, and scared. I said, all his teachers wrote work harder, do more exercise. So he has to go, like it or not. Finally on Sunday, he agreed. During the journey he was still nervous but I told him to think positive. Alhamdullillah the first day went ok. Today is the second day and he seemed rather excited about it. Pakai cantik² lagi. Hehehe. But he did mention that, in reality he only get 1 week break instead of 2. Alah, kesian pulak.

3. Today is my brother’s birthday. So, happy birthday, Dino. The thing about Dino is that, he doesn’t reply SMS if it is not important. If it does not require him to. For example if I sms, Happy Birthday, he would silently acknowledge it and that’s it. No reply to say thank you ke apa ke.. And this is the brother yang into marketing. Internet Marketing, mostly.. but still. When I asked him, he’d say, there was no question that he needed to answer, so he didn’t replylah.. So, today along with the wish I asked, what are you having as a birthday meal?

4. Remember the previous post about money pouring out? Well, my car is really trying to squeeze me dry. My air cond’s condenser is bocor. And the uncle (who still remembers my car from the last fix – 2007) said it would cost about RM300++. Alamak! That’s like 1000 plus in total this month for the car alone.. But he adviced to refill the gas (for RM60) and if it goes well, come back in 3 months to fix the condenser (which is after rayakopak gak and C1’s birthday coming). Pray, that this works and me, will save money in the mean time.

5. Did a little check on my blog entries and apparently, I’m about 5 posts behind (including this one). It is 21 weeks down the year, and I only have 16 posts. If I were to keep up with my 1 week per post challenge, have to write a little more, I guess.

Well, that’s all the little update, K-lynn’s life, listed. ♥☻

The Old Tesco Seremban.. I miss you.

I guess those who live in Seremban, specifically around the area of Oakland, Seremban 2, Bukit Chedang would know that Tesco had moved to another location, in a bigger building but still close by. I do not know about other people, but personally, I love the old tesco more. Although there are more things in the new store, and I love that too, but the old one has a “Lian Yik” kind of feeling to it. A place you can almost rely on during critical times..

Staying true to the theme of this blog, here’s a list to the things I miss about the old tesco.

Why I Miss the Old Tesco

1. I could sort of drive through for a hot baulu.
2. I could sort of drive through for a quick McD dessert treat.
3. I don’t have to wait for a traffic light.
4. It’s smaller, so going from one end to the other, doesn’t take so long.
5. As soon as I park and walk, I’m already inside tesco. Unlike now where I’m already inside the building but not yet in the store. Not to mention the escalator.
6. And most of all, I realized yesterday.. was how easy it was to go for prayer while waiting for my daughter to finish her music lesson. Now, I probably have to go to my mother’s house, where the traffic is just murderous. Plus the surau in the new tesco is situated at the first floor at the very end, where the toilets are.

Rule of Thumb in Food Making

Commenting on a friend’s picture over at fb, I remember this rule of thumb I learned through a cooking show many, many years ago (more than two decades ago) which I think is very wise ☺.

So, I thought, I’d share it here. So, ready?

3 Simple Rules in Food Making:

  1. Your food must smell good – so that, people from afar will come over to see it.
  2. Your food must look good – presentation is very important. It has to look delicious enough to make people want to try and taste your food.
  3. Your food must taste good – because that is what good food is all about. But if it’s not, well… too late already. Eaten already, what?

Hahahahhaha. Smart kan?

8 reasons of 8.

It’s true, keeping up with one week one entry is no easy task. Anywho, to get back on track, here’s one, insipred by the DailyPost. It may be a repetition from a previous post.

1. I was born on 2 June. 2 + 6 = 8.
2. I was born in the year 1978.
3. I IC No. ends with double 8s.
4. My student number during my years in Shah Alam was 9604108.
5. My student number during my years in Cyberjaya 98100718. If I remember correctly.
6. I got married on 18th of August (8).
7. I got married to a guy whose birthday is on 26 (2+6=8) October ’70 (1+0+7+0=8).. Hehe. Nak jugak tu.
8. My husband (then boyfriend) got me a phone number with 4 eights in it.

I’m sure these are just coincidence, or I make them so (like no. 7). But is it really my favorite number? What’s yours?

5 Ways To Promote Recycling.. No?

Malaysians need not separate thrash until 2013.

Huh? That was my first thought.
What kind of statement is that.
Rubbish right? (pun intended).
Malaysian should start separating their thrash immediately.
Well, at least you should start practicing.
So when the real day comes, it will flow smoothly without hiccups.
But I actually have a problem with this.
I mean, I do separate my trash. But after that, WHAT?
I know, I know bring them to recycling centre or collection points. But it’s such a hassle to carry trash around in my car (excuses, I know..). I just wonder, I’m sure the are better ways to encourage Malaysians to be greener, right…
Well, here are my two sen..

  1. Have a specific day to collect specific trash. ie: Monday – only for glasses. Tuesday – paper, etc.
  2. Encourage people to go around collecting trash like the old newspaper vendors. Instead of just paper lama, how about tin lama, tin lama. (I have tons of the kids’ milk cans)
  3. Bring back that campaign and encourage the public to be part of the “Aluminium Cans for Cash”. But have easy places for people to bring it to – like shopping malls, etc.
  4. Oil. Ok, I seriously have a problem with this. What you have to know is that you CANNOT pour oil down your sink or your longkang. You will cause damage to the sewerage system. You should not pour oil on your garden… oily soils (though it could rhyme) will not be fertile. So, when do I recycle / throw these oils? (Currently, I pour them back into empty oil bottles, after I filtered all the habuk²)
  5. I know some of you may suggest putting those brown, orange, blue (recycling) bins at more places. It just doesn’t work, beb. Most of them (especially at the shopping malls) have basically garbage in all the bins, regardless of the color. People are just lazy or ignorant to figure that out. So, how now? Well, I think workplaces could try out recycling days or something. First week collect papers. Second week collect glass, then tins and then plastic. And assign people/group/dept to be in charge of each type to send them to the recycling centres. Ok?

i don’t know… what do you think?

9 Easy Peasy Steps to Mini Pancake Muffins

This idea came from Bakerella who made the recipe from scratch. But if you’re a lazy (or need-to-be-speedy) baker like me, you can try this.
These are ridiculously easy (with Pi||sbury 0ne step Pancake Mix) but amazingly delicious.
Even though I said 9 steps, but they are REALLY EASY steps.
Try ’em!

1. Preheat your oven. (I put mine at 150°C, top and bottom heat.) 

2. Get your stuffs ready: Pancake mix, a bowl and a mini muffin pan. Oh, and choc chips (not in the picture).

3. Mix the pancake mix in the bowl as directed by the box. I just added water.

4. Add the choc chips. (But you can leave them plain, if you like).

5. Grease your pan (i used margarine). If you have those nonstick pans, just skip this.

6. Fill you muffin pan with the batter, till about ¾ full.

7. Pop the pan in the oven for about 10 -12 minutes.

8. Bring them out. To cool a little bit.

9. And they’re ready to be eaten. ENJOY!

I completed these (from bringing out the ingredients and tools, to cleaning up  and eating) in less than 20, 25 minutes, top.

February is THE hospital month

In February 2009:
Dear Husband spent 18 (or was it 19 days) in the hospital. I was dragged along. He had abcess in his liver.
Good thing he was warded at the surgical ward, so there was a sofa in the ward that I could sleep on.
It was the most tiring. Before 5am the nurse would come for his antibiotic. Half an hour later, a different one. At 6, time to change the water. At 6.30am I had to fetch my kids from my mom and send them to school. After that I would go back to the hospital. Sometimes I would go to work if there was a meeting or something. And then all his friends would visit, I can’t sleep. People don’t stop visiting till after 10pm. Takkan nak kata jangan datang kan.. they mean well. So that was 2009.

In February 2010:
Happy day. Baby No. 3 was born. I was out of the hospital the next day. And had 60 days of medical leave.

In February 2011:
Not so happy. Had to go for a surgery to remove my gallbladder because it was full of gallstones. The surgery took about 90 minutes or so, says the nurse. They knocked me out, so I can’t recall a thing. But the hospital gave a CD of the operation. But I’m too scared to watch it. Anyway, it’s not a cut open surgery.. the just poked 4 holes and used some laser. Lots of people told me prior to the operation it won’t be painful and all.. but guess what? The moment I woke up from those drugs, I was so painful I cried. It’s a challenge to recover painlessly with a one year old climbing all over me.
And I also discovered that I am allergic to an antibiotic named ciprobay.
My face was swollen and itchy all over. Scary.

Anyway, hopefully this time next year will not be another hospital month. InsyaAllah.

3 Rezeki = A Sweet Day ☺

Yesterday was a sweet day.
Sweet why? Because dapat rezeki berkali-kali.

1. First in the morning, I ordered a macchiato from my friend. This friend stays near a drive-through coffee outlet and therefore able to order one on the way to the office. I never imagined able to drink a macchiato from my Putrajaya office in the morning. Anyway, when I wanted to pay him, he said it was on him. Free coffee. From the shop. In the morning. Sweeeeeeet!

2. Then for lunch, old friends from old office asked out to lunch. I’ve been wanting to go to this restaurant that served ikan patin again. And all their other lauks are delicious too. Simple but delicious. Well, according to my tastebuds lah kan. Well, apparently one of the friends had just confirmed his promotion and it was backdated 2 years back. That 24 months beb.. So lunch was on him. Alhamdullillah..

3. And the last one, my baker friend was testing out her latest item – colorful macarons. And she was giving out free samples. Who am I to say no to free macarons? Me, who would order from KL and pay for delivery charges. Or drive to Subang to get a taste of one? A tiny one, the size of a twenty sen coin. No. Not me dude. And her macarons are definitely tasty! Just as good as the ones from Subang. Seriously. You should order from Ana.


Talking about Ana.. I admit. I am so jealous of her. Geram betul because she is this great lady.. hehehe. Bukan geram sakit hati.. but more of kagum sebenarnya. Envious. We have the same job. She, in a bigger agency than I am. Her kids are just as many and as big (small) as mine. And yet she can find the time to bake and take orders. And her baked goods taste so, so goood! And did I mention, maintain a great figure at the same time. Beb, tabik spring! But, don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. Her cakes and cookies lah.. not her. And it’s really fairly priced too. So, if you’re looking for sweet delicacies – macarons, cheesecakes, cupcakes, etc. and you’re around putrajaya or kajang, consider Ana.

Have a sweet day ahead everyone!

1 Post in 1 Week in 2011

I’ve decided I want to blog more. Rather than just thinking about doing it, I’m starting right now.  I will be posting on this blog once a week for all of 2011.

I know it won’t be easy, but it’s gonna be great. Therefore, I’ll be heading to The DailyPost for inspirations along the way. If you already read my blog, help to encourage me with comments and likes, and good will throughout the year, ya.


Thoughts and Hearts, and Everything Positive.

K-lynn Ismail