Uniknya Unaisah

Unaisah, the latest addition to the family was born on 12 September 2012. About 9 days earlier than the EDD.

What’s so different about Unaisah in comparison to the rest of her siblings?

1. Her blood type is O instead of A like the rest of us
2. Unlike the rest of the kids, she did not arrive over 3kg, but a mere 2.9kg. I know, not much difference.. But compared to the last one of 3.5kg, i found her to be small.
3. She has a dimple!

I wanted to write more but can’t seem to think right now. So i’ll just leave u with a pictire of the gal.


2 thoughts on “Uniknya Unaisah

    1. Yes, i try.. but hardly…
      Eh aku tak kesahlah, the two times Juned was here, can count one on your behalf.. Hehehe.
      Plus, kau sibuk menguruskan Jib.

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