Goodbye Dear Room, Goodbye My Friend

First entry of 2012 is in April.. Yikes! Hahahaha

Anyway, today is my last day of the first week at new office.

So unlike other places that I have been. The moment I stepped into the office, I had to run.
I was out of breath. Only today I had a moment to deeply inhale.
Even then, the ones waiting, couldn’t wait to unload the weight upon me.
Hmm.. not that I’m complaining.. I’m okay. Just that, I wasn’t totally prepared.
I have to thank my friends around who were there to support me.. in words and in the form of food (for energy).

And at this precise moment that I have the time to clear my old office.
I once said this about my office:

feels a bit weird.. needs getting used to kot. but i love it. even though masih bersepah-sepah. i love every inch about this room… even though so isolated from everyone else. tQ sape yang pilihkan bilik ini untuk KPSU KR G. tQ sape yang jadikan aku KPSU KR G. tQ for the parking space KPSU KR G tepi tiang (aku suka parking tepi tiang). tQ Faizol tolong alihkan almari yang sungguh berat dan menambahkan pengcahayaan bilik. Above all, Alhamdullillah. Note to self: Sila lebih bersemangat kerja. ☺

And those are the things I am going to miss.
I’ll miss its location, right in front of the exit door.
I’ll miss its spacious area.
I’ll miss the view.
I’ll miss the mirror.
I’ll miss the glass covering on my desk.
And most, I’ll miss it wide window.

Goodbye office, you’ve been good.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Dear Room, Goodbye My Friend

  1. Hahaha.. Thanks for the wish Ida.
    I ni kan macam anak I jugak. Drama lebih (kalau tak mana datang bebudak tu perangai macam tu, kan..) Masih kat sini lagilah. Cuma tukar office. Naik lagi dua tingkat.

  2. hehehe.. bagus la tu, improvement.. opis ida ni jap ke tengah, ke tepi, ke bawah.. pas ni tak tau la tang mana plak.. redha~~

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