Cheesecake, my way…

Expect the next three or four posts to be food related. Why? Because that’s about the only thing that excites me right now. Ohh so bored. Work, mmg banyak. But just can’t find the motivation at this precise moment.

Today, I just would like to share how I do cheesecakes. Why? Because everybody thinks it’s hard and time consuming. In truth, this is about the most easy cake anyone can make. Don’t be scared. And truth be told, which I admit, I am about the laziest baker that you would ever meet, and I take shortcuts whenever possible. (That’s why you would rarely find me baking cookies, tarts, etc). So, if this cheesecake was so hard, I won’t be making it as often as I do.

But, please note that:

  1. This may not be the right way to make a perfect cheesecake. It’s just, my way of doing it.
  2. It may not also be the most delicious or heavenly. But ok enough to pass, I guess. Especially for beginners, it’s quite good.
  3. This recipe uses biscuit base crust, and not a sponge cake (or anything else).

So, let’s not waste time and just get straight to it.

1. You should prepare your tin with aluminium foil. Either inside the tin (if you’re using a normal tin) or outside the tin (if you’re using those springform type of tin). Why? Because, later we will be using a waterbath method, using a foil will prevent water seeping through your tin to your cake crust making it damp, wet, watery (springform) and that it would easy to take out the cake later (normal tin).

Here a good referal if you need some idea, because i completely forgotten to snap this step.

2. Then comes the crust preparation. Ok, the lazy baker in me, NEVER, (unless desperate, insufficient amount available) measure my biscuits and butter. I just estimate about about 1½ tablespoon (tbsp) of butter and 10 pieces of digestive biscuits. You can opt to use other biscuit. Apart from digestive, I like oreos. But other types you can use, milk biscuits, choc fudge, marie, oat biscuits. Your choice. Your preference of taste, doesn’t really matter.

Why I choose digestive? Because it is easy to crush. What I do is just put it in a plastic bag, and BAM, BAM, BAM on the counter. (If not, using other biscuits, i would probably need to put it in a grinder, or food processor, or the least crush it with a tool like a roller, or masher).



2. Then, you melt the butter and pour it in the pan along with the crushed biscuits.

Melted butter. About 20 secs on high in the microwave.Just pour everything together. Some would combine it in a seperate bowl first.


Just pour everything together. Some would combine it in a seperate bowl first.


Now you pat tight those crumbs into the pan. Make sure there's no holes. Tada (again)..

4. While you freeze (just put in the fridge, not freezer) the crust, get your ingredients ready. It is easier and faster if you weigh and measure everything before you start mixing. Because, if you measure along the way, you hands maybe dirty than everything will be messy you start to move slower.. well, you get the drift. Anyway, here are the ingredients.

Now, remember what I am, (yes, the LB).. which I can’t spare time to wait. So what I do, if I plan to bake the cake at night, I would have put out my cream cheese in the morning before going to work. If I plan to bake in the morning, then I would put it out before going to bed. Therefore by the time I would like to use it, it is soft and ready. Doesn’t really matter what brand.

5. Ok, get you mixer ready. I have a stand mixer, so this is advantage. Which to say, I don’t have to wait on (hold) the mixer. I can start it, and do that crust thingy while it is going. Put the cream cheese and pour the sugar. Mix it at medium speed until it is smooth, or you pretty much don’t see the sugar grains or the mixture is paler in color.

That’s my cap ayam mixer. ☺ No kitchena|d or kenw00d there.

6. Next pour in the eggs and mix it altogether. Some people would put the eggs one by one. But with a toddler screaming at the top of the stairs, who has the time to wait. The only reason I see why you probably want to do this is probably not wanting the egg to splash all over. Oh well. Just dump it all and start slow if you have to.

7. Next pour in the flour. Mix. After that the lemon and vanilla. Mix.

Now, you may ask, being the LB that I am, why not just dump EVERYTHING all at once? Hmm.. I have thought of that too. But if I do that, I may have a different result. For one, you would want a smooth creamy mixture out of the cream cheese first before you can mix everything else. Secondly, if i dump the flour with the liquid and eggs, I might have lumpy mixture (not good) and lemon + milk/cream may produce buttermilk (not something that we need). Ok?

8. And last, pour in the milk + whip cream. What kind of milk? Evaporated, Pasteurized, UHT.. all can. But not that sweetened creamer or susu pekat  manis. If you don’t have double/whipping cream, just do without. I guess you would probably just end up with a padat cake, that’s all.

9. This is what my final mixture look like.

If you don’t have a mixer, you can dump it in a food processor. I think, I’ve seen Nigella do it. I think a blender would be fine too. Maybe you would need to blend the milk with the cream cheese first then put everything else. Just make sure it doesn’t smell/taste of chillies or whatever. I think I’ll try it one of these days.

10. Now, take out your pan and pour this mixture into it. Oh, alamak. No picture plak.

11. Okay, now comes the important part. How to bake your cheesecake. This ensures that it remains moist and not crack in the process of cooking. You can put your pan in a bigger pan filled with hot water or you can put the hot water below the rack that you put your cake like this:

The black pan/rack is filled with hot water. This is called water bath.
12. Then, bake it at 45-50 minutes at 150°C. Well, that’s what I do with my oven. Different oven heats up differently. Get to know yours.. then you’d pretty  much know which temperature to use.
My cap butterfly oven

13. This is what my baked cheesecake look like. And after this you have to put it in the fridge for at least 60 minutes.

17. When it’s ready to be eaten, just pour you favorite jam or filling on top:

That's blueberry pie filling.. Nyum nyum

4 thoughts on “Cheesecake, my way…

  1. tu kira rajin la buat crust sendirik..nak tau org yg super malas wat camne? boli yg dah siap2 kat kodai..balik je campur2 yg the rest tu je kekekekek 😛

  2. eny: tulah, it’s not that hard kan.. senang tapi sedap. cuma cream cheese kadang mahal sket.

    ciksu: hari tu kan, kita ada passkan tiny cheesecake kat encik suami awak. tapi dia lupa, tinggal kat office. sedih i, cheesecake jadi tapai.

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