A Little Update.

1. Today is the first day of school holidays. (Yeay!) On Friday I went to pick up C1 and C2’s report cards. C2 was ok. The teacher said she’s quite active and rather mature, compared to other kids. (Wow, dalam hati. Cikgu, you have no idea how dramatic she can be.. hu-hu.) Her performance is quite good, overall. C1 on the other hand, is getting worse. Academically. But in class, biasa-biasa je, says his teacher. He got 5Bs, and 4As. The As are at the borderline of B, and there’s one B at the borderline of C. Sigh…

2. So, I psyched C1 to attend this school holiday program for 7 days during this break. At first he was so reluctant, and scared. I said, all his teachers wrote work harder, do more exercise. So he has to go, like it or not. Finally on Sunday, he agreed. During the journey he was still nervous but I told him to think positive. Alhamdullillah the first day went ok. Today is the second day and he seemed rather excited about it. Pakai cantik² lagi. Hehehe. But he did mention that, in reality he only get 1 week break instead of 2. Alah, kesian pulak.

3. Today is my brother’s birthday. So, happy birthday, Dino. The thing about Dino is that, he doesn’t reply SMS if it is not important. If it does not require him to. For example if I sms, Happy Birthday, he would silently acknowledge it and that’s it. No reply to say thank you ke apa ke.. And this is the brother yang into marketing. Internet Marketing, mostly.. but still. When I asked him, he’d say, there was no question that he needed to answer, so he didn’t replylah.. So, today along with the wish I asked, what are you having as a birthday meal?

4. Remember the previous post about money pouring out? Well, my car is really trying to squeeze me dry. My air cond’s condenser is bocor. And the uncle (who still remembers my car from the last fix – 2007) said it would cost about RM300++. Alamak! That’s like 1000 plus in total this month for the car alone.. But he adviced to refill the gas (for RM60) and if it goes well, come back in 3 months to fix the condenser (which is after rayakopak gak and C1’s birthday coming). Pray, that this works and me, will save money in the mean time.

5. Did a little check on my blog entries and apparently, I’m about 5 posts behind (including this one). It is 21 weeks down the year, and I only have 16 posts. If I were to keep up with my 1 week per post challenge, have to write a little more, I guess.

Well, that’s all the little update, K-lynn’s life, listed. ♥☻

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