A Day Full of Drama

This is a day worthy of an entry. Why? Because it really drained me out. I wish it is more animated, but only my birthday twin can keep one spellbounded in her story telling.
Anywho.. here goes:

Yesterday started with me getting the wrong food for C2’s bekal/bento/whateveryouwanttocallit. It was already late. She got so pissed off and started yelling and stomping. Oh.. for once I thought we could be on time.. so off I go to “repair” the situation cooking a different kinda food. All this while, I haven’t taken my shower ya..

And ok.. everyone’s safe where they’re supposed to be – school and work. Till 4.20pm came.. a distress call came in. C2 was crying hyterically.. sobbing and screaming. Then back to wailing. And I really cannot make out what she was saying. I asked where her brother (C1) was.. and obviously she was home alone. I really couldn’t make out what was going on except that “mommy please come quickly”.. I tried to calm down, but can’t so I left to go home. Sped, and travelled like the vampire. Reached home in 30 long minutes.. (what usually takes 50 minutes at least) crazy. By this time, I had called the fairy. And she came to the rescue. As it turned out… it was just too much emotions and drama when the actual thing is just:

1. she went to mengaji, but forgot to bring her book.
2. the ustaz made her take it thinking the caretaker’s house was close by.
3. went to the caretaker’s house, but book was not there.
4. went home and found the book..
5. but, she already took 20 minutes and now she’s struggling with the padlock to lock the grill and gate of the house.
6. panic, making it even harder to work the padlock. making it ever later than she already was.
7. scared, she cried. and called me. crying hysterically.

that was all to it.

Phew. Ingatkan apa. Caught my breathe. Bathed and prayed.
Since there was time, I said let’s go pick up the laundry before we fetch Jr C.
And since we’re passing by Jusc0, let’s grab a quick drink.
Done, so I needed to go pay the parking ticket.
(Btw, all these while, C1 was at mengaji and then played with his friend).
I parked my car at the side, and told C2 to wait a while.
The Cs practice is to immediately lock the door when I leave them a while in the car. And so, this was when the hell’s gate started to come loose…

I came back to the car and realized that C2 was fast asleep. Alamak.. I know this is not going to be easy because C2 mmg sleeps like a log. A hard, bonkered out, log. The great typhoon may hit and leave, but she would still be in slumberland. I knocked at all sides of the car, but of course nada. She didn’t even stir. I tried not to attract too much attention, but when you’re screaming to a car, calling “C2! C2!” and banging on the car, how can passer by not notice. This is exactly the point when the hell gate we were talking about, broke and hell fire is fast burning.

Before I realized it, a small crowd had formed around my car. Then 2, 3 security officers came. Suggested we try to break the lock of the car. All this while you have to keep in mind, people kept on banging on the car and rocking and shouting.
While the security trying to pick my lock and people rocking the car, C2 kept on sleeping.. and the crowd grew bigger.

I called mom to come pick me up so I can go home and take the spare key. Mom forgotten to bring my spare home key, because my house keys are inside the car. Waiting for her to turn back, took a while… and so, the crowd grew restless kot. Or bolder. One man pulled me aside and asked to break the small car window. I said, be patient. My mom is on the way. And her house is only 6km away.. all but a mere 7 minutes journey, without the mad evening traffic at her junction. Which to say.. lambat sket lah sampai kot. Tapi tolonglah bertenang dan sabar.

And this man kept telling me, something is wrong with your child. I don’t think she is just sleeping. Kept pestering where exactly is my mom.
Where? Where? Where?
In my mind, the words: who died and made you Chief kept blinking.
I ignored the expanding crowd but focused on C2 inside the car, because I can’t bear to meet their questioning stare, judging thoughts..
Suddenly a car drove by, and stopped next to this crowd. She rolled down (or to be exact, pressed down the button of) her window and shouted:

“You have to break the window. That window is nothing. Your child is important. You have to break it! There is NO OTHER WAY!!!”

Alamak! It felt  as if I had poisoned my child and she was saying, “You’ll be damned and burn in hell”.. Boleh tak?
And so, the security started to man the traffic.. “Okay, jalan, jalan“…

picture credit: Toyota Malaysia

When is mother arriving, right?
Same thought. Anyway, with that stern warning, lagilah this “Chief” naik sheikh and persisted I break the window. In my head, breaking the window will cause shattered glass to be all over the inside of my car and onto the baby seat. What if it hits C2? I need to go pick up Jr C.. where do I put him then.. this is 7pm now.. Encik Suami is outstation.. So please lah Mister, hold your horses.. But I just kept quiet and called my mom who was parking her car. While I was talking, telling her to hurry up.. then I heard behind me:
“Ha, she has woken up..”

What a relief!

I quickly told C2 to open the door.. but she was barely alert or just half awake.. and started to stare at all the people around the car. She just sat still and looked around. Not moving an inch. When I told the security the crowd was scaring her, he made them quickly dispersed.. and that was the last I saw of them. Then only, she slowly moved to open the door.

And then, here comes the “Chief” again, making me take C2 out of the car so that she can breathe. I just followed his instruction but C2 refused. She was scared. After much coaxing, she came out.

I thanked the security and then got lectured by mom.

Phew.. The End. Thank God, balik tu no more drama.

Penat tak baca?


13 thoughts on “A Day Full of Drama

  1. OMG, that pompuan and Chief sangat irritating!! Nasib baik ler ur mom dekat. I nih yg dok Kuantan pon selalu mintak tolong mak nun kat Ampangan.. hehehe..

  2. Beb! OMG! Hahahaha… but then again, I always believe that bad things happen in 3. So if shit were to hit the fan, hit la all together and be done with it. Tomorrow is a new day.

    Kalau tak, tak mencabar la kan hidup 😉

  3. chech, siti: mmg menjengkelkan pakcik tu tau. tapi muka dia pun menggerunkan.. if we meet, nanti aku cerita² sisipan.. btw, mothers mmg lifesavers kan.. besok anak aku pun sama jelah tu.

    nisha: C2 mmg suka menjadi pencetus drama ok..

    juned: it never occurred to me hattrick tu ok.. tapi alhamdullillah lepas tu macam downhill or mendatar je..

  4. ya Allah….mcm tgk drama pun ada sbb aku membayangkan ko ketuk2 cermin dan jerit2,hahhaha. masyarakat kita prihatin ok. alhamdulillah semuanya selamat. mmg full of drama…tp mcmlah ko tak biasakan?hehehe

  5. sufi: ye, aku mmg suka mendramakan hidupku.. mak aku pun cakap yang sama kat aku, eloklah tu masyarakat prihatin. Kalau tak tu, pandang² tapi buat tak tau.

    su: ohh ciksu rupanya. ingatkan sape tadi. alah hadi tu mmg tak boleh draw attention pada diri kan.. dia kan kena sentiasa kelihatan tenang dan terkawal.

    stone: eh.. semuanya S… preparelah sangat. nanti bila terjadi mesti tak ingat dah sume preparation ni.. heheh

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