Running in my Head

1. SHIVER – I am down with selsema.. Don’t really know how it came about. Suddenly this morning, I was sneezing like I ate the whole belacan piece and my nose is blocked. Such a drag, but really, I am blessed that I’m not down with fever or anything.. Alhamdullillah.

2. NOT FALLING APART – … Encik Suami is leaving on a car to land of ulik mayang for the whole week. Supposed to be 2 whole weeks, but since it’ll be a Labour Day weekend, they (him and colleagues) decided to come back and return the week after.. sigh.

3. WAKE UP CALL – So, I have to make sure all the weekday clothes (mine and the kids’ uniform) are ironed. Else it’ll be a madhouse getting through the morning and out the door with the 3 chipmunks. Usually junior chipmunk will accompany me in the kitchen while i prepare chipmunk 1 and 2’s bento.. aka bekal.. aka brunch food. Upstair Encik Suami will handle C1 and C2, wake them up and all. Imagine me being the headless chicken running up and down.. phew.. So, tonite, make sure EVERYTHING is ready.

4. SECRET – I came about a site that busted all myths about macaron making, that i just might attempt a go at it.. especially after ZZ (long time friend (since we were 9?) and neighbor) texted me to do so. Demmmmm

5. MAKES ME WONDER – Btw, remember I had a surgery? Well, it worries me the part where the biggest cut was still hurts. It is approaching 3 months since that day. Does c-section aftermaths feel like this?

6. NOTHING LASTS FOREVER – Last week, both my sister and brother’s car broke down. So dear mommy was alone (with kid sister) over the friday till the Saturday, (since both planned to come, but can’t make it). Which also, about cars and mother, my dear friend lost her mother in a car accident last week. It pains me to know how the accident came about. But I guess like everyone said, death is a certain. When I sms her, she replied: “The pain of sudden loss”.. I know how it feels, but the way her mother left, sure makes it more painful than what I went through. My dearest, I know it will be hard, but I pray that you will be strong and redha. And may arwah be placed among mukminin & solihin, that all her sins would be forgiven, that all her good deeds would be counted as ibadah and that she would be blessed by Allah in the eternity.

7. NOT COMING HOME – Geez… Just got an SOS call from Encik Suami. Chipmunk 1 missed the bus AGAIN!!! For like the hundredth time. I really can’t blame the bus driver because Chipmunk 2 never gets left behind.. Hai lah hai. I tried calling the Fairy (my mother because she is always a life saver).. but she wasn’t answering. I was about to drive home thinking the 45 minutes journey and that C1 has to wait that long.. sunddenly. alhamdullillah the Fairy answered the phone. Phew!!! Apalah nak buat dengan C1 ni


6 thoughts on “Running in my Head

  1. Hoh terasa penat membaca entry ni macam baru lepas berlari-lari anak di dalam ofis. Hehehe….. Relax la beb. I know u can do it. Mulut mesti sama laju if not lebih laju dari kaki dan tangan yg bergerak itu. Haha….

  2. cepatnya kau komen.. have you guessed the flavor of the macaron? heheh.
    mulut mmg laju.. tapi dah selsema nak demam ni.. rasa tak selesa.

  3. and why there are all related to Maroon 5’s songs.. heheh 🙂

    klynn, i terasa penatnya. sekali teringatkan my mum yang menjaga kami semasa kecil dulu.

  4. didi: comel apa chipmunk² tu semua. dah la nakal.. tapi baik hati. itu anak aku lah tu. personality pon lebih kurang. No. 1 mmg nakal tak makan saman. No. 2 rajin baca buku, kurus. No. 3 suka makan.

    echah: hahahahha, ada gak orang perasan. Aku nak tgk concert, tak dapek.. diorang kan coming to town jumaat ni..
    alah orang lain penat gak.. aku je exaggerate lebih kot.

  5. hahaha..aku pn terasa keletihan bila baca ni…
    afnan oh afnan…mungkin dia tahu nenek dia akan g amek kalo dia tertinggal bas?

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