Trivia about Macaron

1. if you google “macaron kuala lumpur“, guess whose blog comes up number 1 today (19 April 2011)? (number 3 if you’re looking for the plural)

2. klynnismail was number 10 a few days ago when one googles “macaron putrajaya“.. today (19 April 2011), i’ve fallen to rank number 29. (26 for macarons.. ☺)

3. if you’re looking to buying macaron in seremban, trylah this nora rashid from redvelvetinc.

4. if you’re looking to buying macaron in putrajaya (or kajang) consider ana from dalissacuppacake.

5. at empire shopping gallery, Subang Jaya, apart from whisk, Serai and suchan deli also sells macaron.

6. the baking supplies store at bangi (called yummie) sells instant mix for making macaron, but i have yet to try it.. or will ever try.

p/s: Oh.. mmg mencabar nak keep up to the 52-posts-this-year challenge. Need more inspirations.

pps: Whoever can guess the flavor of the macarons, I just might belanja you some macs.
(June: dilarang meneka!)

7 thoughts on “Trivia about Macaron

  1. Hah! I was wondering bila kau nak letak assortments of your macaroon loot. Aku tak nak la blog lagi before you do. Anyway, nak teka jugak.

    1. the half eaten one – muntah kucin flavor with a hint of rasberry

    2. the green ‘did-i-buy-you-that’ one – olive oil. Hahahah. Seriously, aku belikan kau yg tu?

    3. the pink color ‘already eaten picture no taken’ one – Sirap Rose Bandung Org Kawin. Sedappp!

  2. lamanya aku tunggu.. takde sape nak cuba.
    dan jawapannya adalah:
    1. licorie from laduree
    2. matcha from sadahaku aoki

    nisha: aku bagi markah for trying. just bought some macs from seremban but extra sweet, if you’re a sweet tooth, boleh layan kot. would pass them over but you have autumn in your heart now kan.

    chech: yeay! satu hampir betul.. remind me to belanja you some macs.

    su: sekarang dah ramai orang jual.. but of course nothing beats things from its tanah tumpah telur…

    junes: aku tak sempat ambik gambar the lot.. sbb sibuk savoring two pieces a day.. tau-tau dah habis. But l love them all. the malaysian ones are just too sweet and safe.. tak adventurous langsung flavor.

    aku berangan nak buat malaysian flavors macam pandan-santan-gula melaka, your sirap bandung, durian, bubur kacang durian, teh o limau, keladi (yam)… kat sarawak penah jumpa rasanya this flavor.
    whaddaya think?

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