The Old Tesco Seremban.. I miss you.

I guess those who live in Seremban, specifically around the area of Oakland, Seremban 2, Bukit Chedang would know that Tesco had moved to another location, in a bigger building but still close by. I do not know about other people, but personally, I love the old tesco more. Although there are more things in the new store, and I love that too, but the old one has a “Lian Yik” kind of feeling to it. A place you can almost rely on during critical times..

Staying true to the theme of this blog, here’s a list to the things I miss about the old tesco.

Why I Miss the Old Tesco

1. I could sort of drive through for a hot baulu.
2. I could sort of drive through for a quick McD dessert treat.
3. I don’t have to wait for a traffic light.
4. It’s smaller, so going from one end to the other, doesn’t take so long.
5. As soon as I park and walk, I’m already inside tesco. Unlike now where I’m already inside the building but not yet in the store. Not to mention the escalator.
6. And most of all, I realized yesterday.. was how easy it was to go for prayer while waiting for my daughter to finish her music lesson. Now, I probably have to go to my mother’s house, where the traffic is just murderous. Plus the surau in the new tesco is situated at the first floor at the very end, where the toilets are.

11 thoughts on “The Old Tesco Seremban.. I miss you.

  1. pernah la sekali dua pergi Tesco seremban yang lama, so I can agree on the McD thingy. Tesco baru tak ada McD kan? So, kalau teringin nak makan McD, nak kena pegi town la kan? Leceh…

    Tapi the new Tesco ada kedai-kedai jual baju baby yang sangat murah & best. All the branded stuff sold at really affordable prices – mcm kat Overrun Factory Outlet kat tingkat bawah, pastu ada dua kedai kids apparel berjiran kat tingkat 1… Oh, hari tu Butik Zaida kat tkt 1 jual tudung stok lama RM5 sehelai – sempatla belikan buat hadiah untuk anak buah (since I tak pakai tudung saiz M)… And MrDIY kat tkt bawah tu pun banyak barang yg quite interesting – siap boleh beli swimming suit untuk anak-anak for around RM20 each (tapi the boys semua dah ada swimming suit, huhuhu)

  2. yes AZ.. I love the new one. Not that I don’t like it. Especially MrDIY (mcm² ada!) and those baby clothing shops too.. ada kedai batik, sape last minit kena carik baju batik.. heheh. tapi, i still miss the old one.
    Btw, McD bukak in April if i’m not mistaken. But for now, Senawang Drive Thru jadi overcrowded. Q nak order pun makan jalan sampai mengganggu trafik.

  3. i’m still in love-hate relationship with the new tesco though…yup i have to agree on the escalator and not having the feeling of being in the store when u’re already inside..pelik..kalau betul la the old tesco building will be mydin rasanya that will be my shopping mall bila aku balik…

  4. mydin? really?
    hmmm… entah, aku macam tak pernah rasa attachment pada mydin. hehehe.
    tapi ja, kau tau tak tesco dekat dengan tol senawang nak bukak gak? what happened to: seremban tak akan bukak banyak² hypermarket sebab one business will kill the other?
    aku kesian dgn carrefour. some days, aku gi carrefour sbb i love the quiet and coziness.

  5. hahah siap ada map tu! aku suka tesco lama sebab boleh beli sokabar sambil memakai kain pelekat, parking tepi tu je

  6. oh yaa..heard about fusses taknak ada too many hypermarkets in sban but now apa dah jadi?another tesco?ohh sbb tesco yg ada skrg ni is tesco extra(fm makro)and they want a tesco by itself…sama je isinya..
    c4 sban last aku pegi bwk arwah mak aku and she didnt like it so mcm lambat sket aku nak sejuk ati nak ke sana balik..will arrange for a visit bila aku balik nnti…

  7. Tesco baru is yg dekat dgn simpang masuk ke Seremban Jaya tu ye? Dah bukak eh? Hari tu masa aku kat Malaysia tak bukak lagi.

  8. Tesco baru lagi best….parking space yang luas…..cuma kena lalu traffic light lah…McD?fuyoo….terus ada restaurant besar at separate building sebelah TESCO baru….2 tingkat lagi!Banyak jugaklah kiosk untuk products tempatan macam Sendayu Tinggi, makanan, pakaian dll.Yang paling best lagi, perumahan sebelah betul dgn Tesco…pergi jalan kaki yo ikut gate belakang perumahan(about 5 mins walking distance)…Yg tak best..traffic flows mcm dok kat KL lak…kadang kadang sampai kat 15 mins penduduk kawasan ni tak dpt keluar..maklumlah sebelah kanan TESCO, depan Columbia Hospital A,sebelah kiri Columbia Hospital B,sebelahnya Jabatan Audit….meriahhhh

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