8 reasons of 8.

It’s true, keeping up with one week one entry is no easy task. Anywho, to get back on track, here’s one, insipred by the DailyPost. It may be a repetition from a previous post.

1. I was born on 2 June. 2 + 6 = 8.
2. I was born in the year 1978.
3. I IC No. ends with double 8s.
4. My student number during my years in Shah Alam was 9604108.
5. My student number during my years in Cyberjaya 98100718. If I remember correctly.
6. I got married on 18th of August (8).
7. I got married to a guy whose birthday is on 26 (2+6=8) October ’70 (1+0+7+0=8).. Hehe. Nak jugak tu.
8. My husband (then boyfriend) got me a phone number with 4 eights in it.

I’m sure these are just coincidence, or I make them so (like no. 7). But is it really my favorite number? What’s yours?


3 thoughts on “8 reasons of 8.

  1. Mine are 9 and 7.

    I was born in Negeri 9. I used to want this plate number for my car: N9.
    I was born on July 19. Ada 9 di situ kan. 7.

    Kamal’s plate number is *** 77 (without him knowing that I like 7).
    Khalish pun dilahirkan bulan 7 (July 12).

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