5 Ways To Promote Recycling.. No?

Malaysians need not separate thrash until 2013.

Huh? That was my first thought.
What kind of statement is that.
Rubbish right? (pun intended).
Malaysian should start separating their thrash immediately.
Well, at least you should start practicing.
So when the real day comes, it will flow smoothly without hiccups.
But I actually have a problem with this.
I mean, I do separate my trash. But after that, WHAT?
I know, I know bring them to recycling centre or collection points. But it’s such a hassle to carry trash around in my car (excuses, I know..). I just wonder, I’m sure the are better ways to encourage Malaysians to be greener, right…
Well, here are my two sen..

  1. Have a specific day to collect specific trash. ie: Monday – only for glasses. Tuesday – paper, etc.
  2. Encourage people to go around collecting trash like the old newspaper vendors. Instead of just paper lama, how about tin lama, tin lama. (I have tons of the kids’ milk cans)
  3. Bring back that campaign and encourage the public to be part of the “Aluminium Cans for Cash”. But have easy places for people to bring it to – like shopping malls, etc.
  4. Oil. Ok, I seriously have a problem with this. What you have to know is that you CANNOT pour oil down your sink or your longkang. You will cause damage to the sewerage system. You should not pour oil on your garden… oily soils (though it could rhyme) will not be fertile. So, when do I recycle / throw these oils? (Currently, I pour them back into empty oil bottles, after I filtered all the habuk²)
  5. I know some of you may suggest putting those brown, orange, blue (recycling) bins at more places. It just doesn’t work, beb. Most of them (especially at the shopping malls) have basically garbage in all the bins, regardless of the color. People are just lazy or ignorant to figure that out. So, how now? Well, I think workplaces could try out recycling days or something. First week collect papers. Second week collect glass, then tins and then plastic. And assign people/group/dept to be in charge of each type to send them to the recycling centres. Ok?

i don’t know… what do you think?


11 thoughts on “5 Ways To Promote Recycling.. No?

  1. skrg boleh recycle used cooking oil kat pusat kitar semula presint 9. satu botol 5kg, dpt RM4 if i’m not mistaken. alang2 pegi kitar semula minyak tu, boleh la bawa tin lama, suratkhabar lama, majalah lama (pisahkan suratkhabar & majalah – rate utk majalah lebih tinggi) etc etc etc… we are still a long way from making recycling a habit, but we do have to start somewhere kan?

  2. bestnya…
    kat seremban ada tak?
    ustad orang seremban kan.. dia tau tak?
    i would bring my oils.. wpun akan berminyak keta.. bukan sebab duit.. sebab tak tau mana nak buang minyak ni! bawak ke putrajaya? erm, make sure takde barang penting tertinggal pagi² nak gi kerja ni pun dah alhamdullillah.. ☺

  3. PBT kena buat mcm Jepun. Sapa tak sort sampah, lori sampah takkan amik or diorang pulangkan balik sampah tuh. Siapa tahan kalau lori tak amik sampah?? Why lah our gomen want to delay this recycling effort 😕 Start ler dulu sikit, lama2 nanti orang biasa ler.

  4. betul tu siti.
    aku pun setuju.
    start sikit-sikit kan.
    orang kata kat putrajaya ni dah lama start.. or ada effort nak start.
    my mom sorts her garbage except foodstuffs.. hehe.
    tapi in the end, in the same compactor je semuanya.

  5. kena stat immediately menda ni..mana bleh bg can 2-3 thn..kalau sampah dah melambak sampai ke umah dia baru tau nak amek tindakan…shessh…

  6. buat macam putrajaya…kutip sampah re-cycle 2 kali seminggu…lepas tu bg plasktik khas yg besar utk kutip sampah2 ni….kan alam flora declare dia jimat/untung bnyk buat camtu kat putrajaya….pastut PBT lain pun apply macam tu jugak…

  7. apa kata kalau kita separate je sampah2 kita kat rumah tu. lepas tu letak je kat tong sampah luar rumah mcm biasa. Kalau di perhatikan tukang amik sampah tu akan asing kan mana sampah2 yg boleh di recycle dan yg recyclable.

    Disebabkan kat malaysia ni x byk recycling centre (especially kaw. luar bandar. Kita “sedekah” je bahan2 recycle tu kat brother2 alam flora tu. Secara tak langsung, jimat duit minyak kita nak pegi recycling centre disamping buat amal jariah.

    What say you all…

  8. kt prsint 9 tu buka dr pukul bp ke pkul bp ye?and hari ape?rituh ade dtg tp tutup n lupe plak even dh tgk kul bp die bukak

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