9 Easy Peasy Steps to Mini Pancake Muffins

This idea came from Bakerella who made the recipe from scratch. But if you’re a lazy (or need-to-be-speedy) baker like me, you can try this.
These are ridiculously easy (with Pi||sbury 0ne step Pancake Mix) but amazingly delicious.
Even though I said 9 steps, but they are REALLY EASY steps.
Try ’em!

1. Preheat your oven. (I put mine at 150°C, top and bottom heat.) 

2. Get your stuffs ready: Pancake mix, a bowl and a mini muffin pan. Oh, and choc chips (not in the picture).

3. Mix the pancake mix in the bowl as directed by the box. I just added water.

4. Add the choc chips. (But you can leave them plain, if you like).

5. Grease your pan (i used margarine). If you have those nonstick pans, just skip this.

6. Fill you muffin pan with the batter, till about ¾ full.

7. Pop the pan in the oven for about 10 -12 minutes.

8. Bring them out. To cool a little bit.

9. And they’re ready to be eaten. ENJOY!

I completed these (from bringing out the ingredients and tools, to cleaning up  and eating) in less than 20, 25 minutes, top.


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