February is THE hospital month

In February 2009:
Dear Husband spent 18 (or was it 19 days) in the hospital. I was dragged along. He had abcess in his liver.
Good thing he was warded at the surgical ward, so there was a sofa in the ward that I could sleep on.
It was the most tiring. Before 5am the nurse would come for his antibiotic. Half an hour later, a different one. At 6, time to change the water. At 6.30am I had to fetch my kids from my mom and send them to school. After that I would go back to the hospital. Sometimes I would go to work if there was a meeting or something. And then all his friends would visit, I can’t sleep. People don’t stop visiting till after 10pm. Takkan nak kata jangan datang kan.. they mean well. So that was 2009.

In February 2010:
Happy day. Baby No. 3 was born. I was out of the hospital the next day. And had 60 days of medical leave.

In February 2011:
Not so happy. Had to go for a surgery to remove my gallbladder because it was full of gallstones. The surgery took about 90 minutes or so, says the nurse. They knocked me out, so I can’t recall a thing. But the hospital gave a CD of the operation. But I’m too scared to watch it. Anyway, it’s not a cut open surgery.. the just poked 4 holes and used some laser. Lots of people told me prior to the operation it won’t be painful and all.. but guess what? The moment I woke up from those drugs, I was so painful I cried. It’s a challenge to recover painlessly with a one year old climbing all over me.
And I also discovered that I am allergic to an antibiotic named ciprobay.
My face was swollen and itchy all over. Scary.

Anyway, hopefully this time next year will not be another hospital month. InsyaAllah.

7 thoughts on “February is THE hospital month

  1. Get well soon K-Lynn! Oh I know its a challenge to recover with a toddler around. I once had my appendix removed when my son was 8 months old..pergghh..and coincidentally it was in February 2009!

  2. eny & chech: yeah, thanks.

    ida: kenapa dengan feb ni kan? anyway, berapa lama pantang and luka nak heal from the surgery? aku ni siap ada ulcer dalam tekak.. and that’s really what’s stopping me from eating anything.

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