3 Rezeki = A Sweet Day ☺

Yesterday was a sweet day.
Sweet why? Because dapat rezeki berkali-kali.

1. First in the morning, I ordered a macchiato from my friend. This friend stays near a drive-through coffee outlet and therefore able to order one on the way to the office. I never imagined able to drink a macchiato from my Putrajaya office in the morning. Anyway, when I wanted to pay him, he said it was on him. Free coffee. From the shop. In the morning. Sweeeeeeet!

2. Then for lunch, old friends from old office asked out to lunch. I’ve been wanting to go to this restaurant that served ikan patin again. And all their other lauks are delicious too. Simple but delicious. Well, according to my tastebuds lah kan. Well, apparently one of the friends had just confirmed his promotion and it was backdated 2 years back. That 24 months beb.. So lunch was on him. Alhamdullillah..

3. And the last one, my baker friend was testing out her latest item – colorful macarons. And she was giving out free samples. Who am I to say no to free macarons? Me, who would order from KL and pay for delivery charges. Or drive to Subang to get a taste of one? A tiny one, the size of a twenty sen coin. No. Not me dude. And her macarons are definitely tasty! Just as good as the ones from Subang. Seriously. You should order from Ana.


Talking about Ana.. I admit. I am so jealous of her. Geram betul because she is this great lady.. hehehe. Bukan geram sakit hati.. but more of kagum sebenarnya. Envious. We have the same job. She, in a bigger agency than I am. Her kids are just as many and as big (small) as mine. And yet she can find the time to bake and take orders. And her baked goods taste so, so goood! And did I mention, maintain a great figure at the same time. Beb, tabik spring! But, don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. Her cakes and cookies lah.. not her. And it’s really fairly priced too. So, if you’re looking for sweet delicacies – macarons, cheesecakes, cupcakes, etc. and you’re around putrajaya or kajang, consider Ana.

Have a sweet day ahead everyone!

7 thoughts on “3 Rezeki = A Sweet Day ☺

  1. Beb tgk gmbr macarons ni kt FB kau, aku mcm teringin nak merasa. call me outdated but aku mmg lmbt bab2 mknn ni. RVC org dah muak mkn baru aku nk cuba. macarons ni pn sama. aku tak penah makan lagi. nk order la from ur fren.

  2. i pun dah 2 kali order kek ngan kak ana… 😀 dan dua dua sedap!
    tapi macaroon semalam tak sempat nak helo2 sebab demam. tapi tak nak la try nanti kalau try rasa nak sokmo (macam klynn), payah jugak! hehahaha 😀

  3. ana: just stating the obvious. ♥ tu belum sebut ana pandai nari.
    eny: kalau aku order, aku order extra untuk kau eh.
    echah: tapi kau kuat lari.. hu-hu. harus kalau kau penah makan macaron lain, harus kau beli ana punye tau.

  4. Aku pun geram dengan Ana tu. Lagi satu pujian (yang boleh buat Ana kembang dua mangkuk): dia rajin update blog.

    K-lynn, aku suka kau tulis selalu gini. Lebih kurang jumpa kau lah (sebab dapat tau perkembangan serba sedikit) :).

  5. chech: haah memang kan.. rajin update blog. like you. hehe. anyway chech, i am trying my best to keep up with the challenge: 1 post / 1 week, at least.

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