6 Things I’m A Sucker For…

(the ones that I can think of right now.. must be top of my list)

1. All things mini. Macam ada mini cup. Miniature spoon. Apa-apalah. I would find them all too cute. That’s why I love shot glasses. Because they are like mini glasses. And the same goes for cupcakes. Popcakes. Kan, small things tu..

2. Packaging. Food Packaging. Hand made food packaging. Gift wrapping ideas. Dulu, my ambition was to be a packaging designer. Which, of course, didn’t really happen.

3. Greeting Cards. Handmade greeting cards to be exact. Alah comelnya. I love pop up cards. Hand painted. Comic drawn. Collage cards. Semualah.

4. Colors of rainbow. In food. Colorful cookies. Cupcakes. Rainbow cake. Macarons. Coconut candy. Flavored drinks. Jello. Am I a budak or mak budak.. heheh.

5. Ice cream. I hardly ever say no to ice cream. Dulu, my freezer would ALWAYS have ice cream. Lately ni kurang. Because there’s too much of other stuffs.. plus the EBM.

6. Grey t-shirt. Weird, eh. But my favorite t-shirts are GREY t-shirts. I love them. But currently I only own two. Of which I wear everyday and everywhere.

3 thoughts on “6 Things I’m A Sucker For…

  1. beb, whatever u like aku pun suka gak! sbb tu can click kot 😛 tapi lakiku itu each time aku soh buy shotglass or anything cute n kecik, he’ll buy the biggest n gaudiest item. mmg verrryyy….haish.
    anyway aku pun xtau dah mana grey tees aku. dulu mcm byk.

  2. Hahaha. Ye ke? Aku ingat aku je macam sucker for small, cute miniature. Aku tak perasan sbl ni sehingga En. H tegur.. hehe. Tp suami² mmg macam tu. Hahaha.. beli besar, value for money agaknya. Praktikal.

    btw, aku lah nak bawak budak berdua (besar) gi orphange tu.

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