Update Sket.

Hai people.
A little update.. 

1. Almost won RM1000.. but didn’t. This year, not my lucky year just yet agaknya.
2. Have been breaking fast at my mother and mother in law’s house je. (Kuih-kuih kat bawah ni masa first day buka. Boleh order je plak tu dpd Jaja yang pergi param on the other side of Seremban).

Murtabak Param Paroi Jaya

Pun Koci Param PJ. Not Bad.


3. Kids nursery is giving me a headache.. expecting me to pick up the baby at 5.30 pm or 6.30pm the latest. With the crazy traffic in Pjy.. it just won’t happen. And how about that insane friday jam after Seremban R&R?
4. Baby No. 3 can roll over, left and right. But no crawling just yet.

Boleh action nak merangkak, tapi gagal. Tak gerak pun. Boleh pegang botol sendiri

5. Plan to buy Bumbo may not happen as he cries most of the time when he is in there. Kadang-kadang ok. Especially masa tgh buat no. 2. In the meantime, Puan Sufi, pinjamlah dulu ye. 

Cuba dgn gigih untuk keluar

6. The big kids, No. 1 and 2.. have puasa penuh. Except that one day, when no. 2 was carrying an ice cream, just before buka, ada nak menitik, dia pun jilat. And I went !!!!!. Then, she went ?????. And of course tak apa, sebab tak sengaja kan.. 😉
7. Raya.. raya plan has yet to be discussed. En. Suami macam tak interested je. Shopping plans pun macam dia tak excited. I excited tau gi shopping raya ni.. sbb boleh dating berdua.
8. Just realized, I lost my voice. At 8.00 am it was still there. At 11.00am, trying to answer a call, nothing came out. Erk! After some ehem.. ehm.. ehm.. something hoarse came out. Hmmm.. 

Have a peaceful ramadan everyone. 

Tini.. be strong and take care. 


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