Cakes and Bakes

I miss baking. (Really?)
These days.. I bake on the go.
Because, little baby 3 is the type that needs to be held all the time.
I tried moving around the kitchen with him in the sling, well.. it wasn’t easy. A bit awkward and rather messy most of the times.
Hopefully after puasa, I can manage one project every other week.
Done and planning to do:

1. Whoopie Pie
2. Red velvet Cake
3. Soft Chewy Choc Chip Cookies
4. Non Baked Cheesecake
5. Cake Pop
6. Carrot Cake.. lamanya tak buat.

Oh ye, Didi.. aku rasa I still owe you “cake yang comel” kan…


4 thoughts on “Cakes and Bakes

  1. “Cake yang comel, cake yang comel”

    Hhhhmmmm, I dont actually remember that but if u say that u still owe me a cake yang comel, then I deman for u to make me one!!!!!


    U ARE talking about me kan?
    Erm, kalau salah, malu jap.


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