Thing I Learned From BFM

BFM is Malaysia’s Business Radio Station. They talk mostly about business and economics and sometimes some current affairs. No hollywood gossip. Sometimes they play great 90s rock music but mostly saya kurang berkenan. These are the little things I learned when listening to one of the segments: The Breakfast Grill.

  1. MAHB has oil palm and coconut plantation. 
  2.  Mamee penetrated the Australian market through schools
  3. Mamee ceased operation in China due to imitation issues. They said it’s a losing battle.
  4. Rolls Royce are bringing their car to Malaysia. (ke dah bawak  by this time)
  5. What does wimax actually mean.

and many more lah.

These are just the little few that sticks in my head.
I like their breakfast grill especially with people or brands or products that i am familiar with. Of course most of it becomes trivia to me, but it certainly makes me go, “oh, interesting” when i heard it.
And probably could make others say the same when I mention it..  heheh.
Nampak macam aku intelligent, kan?


So, take some time and listen to BFM and perasan intelligent.


4 thoughts on “Thing I Learned From BFM

  1. i listen to IKIM mostly. pasal dia biasanya ada excerpt berita penting time bersiap gi opis or tgh drive to work

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