4 Rules of Thumb

Sometimes, when we work too long, once in a while.. we just might need a break. Not all the time. But once after a long while. One man’s drug may differ to another. Many may need to take a huff and puff. Another may want to meet a friend at another floor for a chat (perempuan macam akulah biasanya). Others may want to go out to a great, healthy (or unhealthy) lunch that it may need more than an hour to achieve (or earlier than the regular lunch time).

So, in the spirit of taking a break in order to achieve greater productivity, here are simple rules of thumb to bear in mind.

1. Always carry a folder/file/book with you wherever you go. No matter if you’re just going for a puff (Wpun pejabat gomen sume sepatutnya kawasan larangan).

2. Use the staircase. Likeliness of bumping into other people is slim.

3. Do not chase after the closing lift. There could  be people you do not want to meet – your no. 1, for example.

4. If you are caught in the lift with  your superior, quickly press the button to the nearest floor. You do not want to be seen going to the carpark one hour or half an hour before the actual lunch hour.

if you have other suggestions, by all means let others know.

Till then, work smart people and remember, “Kerja seikhlas hati, Sempurna pekerjaan“.. also “Gandakan hasil dan pembangunan, Berkhidmat bakti berjasa“.



6 thoughts on “4 Rules of Thumb

  1. Sila pakai baju yang ada kocek supaya boleh letak duit dan tidak perlu membawa wallet yang besar gabak dan boleh menimbulkan curiga di hati orang no 1,2,3, hatta yang terakhir sekalipun. Kata nak kena lead by example kan.

  2. I really like No. 2, and when possible, always tries do so. Hmm but regrettably, I do not have any more to add to your list.

  3. 1. Went coming back from long lunch, leave your handbag in the car boot

    2. Own a small wallet and have a handy envelope in car compartment. Put wallet in the envelope and carry it like it contains the most important document in the world. Envelope might also carry small pack of krepek or kacang.

    3. Always remember that on the day that you really want to do major mengular, that will the day that you will be kantoi so bad no matter how much you plan. So when shit hits the fan, a muka sardin might be handy 🙂

  4. yea handbag tinggal dlm kereta. or stash it in a big envelope! and always carry a brochure or s’thing mcm konon2 tgh study a new thingy..boleh jd basis conversation if bump into sape2!

    p/s i need to use stairs > often.

  5. aku kalau kuar lunch awal biasanya turun ke carpark pakai blazer, segala wallet, handphone, kunci kereta semuanya sudah ada dalam poket blazer. huhu. kalau masuk lambat pun, ala2 baru turun dari floor lain gitu.

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