10 Road Trip Movies

I don’t remember if I ever wrote about the types of movies I like to watch.. macam ada, but I can’t remember. Basically I like to watch movies that are light and funny. Not too heavy, not dark nor depressing. But sometimes I still watch these films because they are good. Like the Green Mile.. that’s depressing, but good.

Anyway, recently I watch a movie on Astro (can’t remember which of those 3 movie channels) about a road trip, and I realize, apart from films zaman kuda (I call it), I also love road trip movies. I always dream of a road trip with closest buddies. A trip to Batu Pahat, with eating pitstop ala ala Jalan Jalan Cari Makan would be great.. kan J & K?

So today I just want to list out the road trip movies that are memorable and that I just love. Most of them may seem stupid and boring to you, but sometimes, the dumber the better.

ps: The list is in no particular order.

1. Fanboys – the boys are so bangang and kelakar.

2. Wild Hogs – oh, this one was so very hillarious. Tim Allen and John Travolta.

3. Stand By Me – This will always remind me of River Pheonix. And fat Jerry O’Connell.

4. Michael – Maybe most don’t know this movie. This is the one where John Travolta was an angel. But I love Andie MacDowell. You don’t see much of her.

5. Hangover – At first I didn’t want to watch it. But my friend made me. And boleh tahan kelakar.. and stupid as usual.

6. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure – Oh, this was my all time favorite masa kecik-kecik.

7. Thelma and Louise – Okay, who doesn’t know this kan. And no road trip movie list is complete without this.

8. Spinning Gasing – Why I like Spinning Gasing? Entah.. but it certainly sticks my head.

9. Road to Perdition – This is kinda dark. But I love mafia movie as well. I love Tom Hanks. I just found out it is based on a comic, which is based on a Japanese Manga.

10. Annie’s Point – I don’t really know if this is a film or one of those made for tv movie, but I love it. Betty White is great.

So, what’s your road trip movie? Maybe I should korek road trip movie melayu pulak.. ada ke? Mesti ada, kan.


9 thoughts on “10 Road Trip Movies

  1. ida suka cite “spinning gasing” pasal ada scenes kat trg kot. ada lagu ulik mayang lagi. i think the movie was somewhat a trendsetter time dia kluar tu. a la perempuan, isteri dan …

    “road to perdition” best. tapi sedih.

    ada satu citer road trip, Britney’s first movie. somehow i like it too šŸ˜€

  2. i love rd trip movies too!

    have u heard cerita road trip starring breckin meyer (i think)? it was funny but not as crass as hangover!

    i just watched a young n handsome kevin costner in fandango.

    how about lil miss sunshine OR elizabethtown OR almost famous OR.. harry n kumar go to white castle hahaha!

    and don’t forget LOTR trilogy was also a hellishly long rd-trip! (seksanya frodo!)

    jom jjcm ke batu pahat n kluang šŸ™‚

  3. eh I was thinking of another Breckin Meyer movie called Blue State. It’s suppose to be a serious, but I find it funny in a cynical way.

    Hmm.. Dude, Where’s My Car consider road trippy tak?

    And.. there’s this movie back in the 80s, called Adventures in Babysitting ke. Yang kelakar tu siap ada super hero nama Thor ke apa tah.

    Oh.. and Date Nite. You should watch it. It’s like Hangover tapi yang bertenang sket.

    And, hands down Hangover is da bomb. Though it insults our intelligence, it won a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy. Hahahah

    So bilanya nak buat movie roadtrip kita sendiri plak? BP/Kluang here we come. Korang nak pi weekend or weekdays? Aku ni boleh melenggang kangkung aje. Korang la nak angkut segala mala tok nenek. Sila pikirkan logistic ye..

  4. aku yakin, dude where s my car aku pernah tgk. tp yg lain seperti tersebut di atas tak berapa nak ingat.
    road trip, ke batu pahat esp, adalah mcm menarik.

  5. mine would include “planes, trains & automobile”, “mr bean’s holiday movie”, “a life less ordinary” & LOTR trilogy
    eh, “21” boleh masuk list ke – tapi cerita ajar berjudi la pulak…

  6. I initially hated the negativity in Hangover, but the storyline was refreshingly hilarious.

    By the way, I have just awarded you a Sunshine Award. No obligation in blogging about it tau. Just for fun.

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