Wish List… For Travelling With Baby.

Now that I will be travelling with a baby again, I realize, I need some things to my life easier. And here’s a wish list. Not that I am hinting to anyone, just that people say, if we visualize it, we are one step closer to getting it.

So, here my list:

1. What I need: A baby bag
     What I want: Gin & Jacqie Multi-Pocket Philip in Brown.

2. What I Need: A baby carrier
     What I want: Jumpsac Baby Ring Sling (Jungle Birds on Kiwi)

3. What I need: Something to ease me to nurse in public
     What I want: A nursing camisole with overlay, tak jumpa lagi yang berkenan.

4. What I need: A flask for hot water
     What I want: Something not bulky.


3 thoughts on “Wish List… For Travelling With Baby.

  1. aku ada ringsling…yg aku cuma gunakan 2 kali kot. amsyar tak suka dok dlm tu. ke aku yg tak pandai pakai?… nk pinjam tak?tp taklah cantik mcm yg ko idamkan tu.sikit je list ko nih?mcm tak percaya je…hahahah

  2. erra! that george messenger bag was the one i initially wanted. tapi one seller ni dah habis stok. kenapalah tak jumpa kat ni dulu. and that mothercare bag also almost like my trusted loved bag masa 1st baby. haiya, could have saved a bunch.

    anyway, dah beli pun that gin & jacqie. quite good, really. sume can chunk in, even my spectr@ 3.

    sufi: aku dah beli dah ring sling mam@patch. kenapa tak bagitau aku awal-awal. selain bumbo dan RS, apa lagi gadget kau ada supaya aku bleh try dulu sbl beli. Eh, kau ada RS apa? Jom lunch!

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