A 3rd, but feels like a 1st

Guess what.. it’s Wednesday again.
Alhamdullillah, things were on schedule last week and hopefully today too.
In fact, we were early today even though I woke up late.
Thanks to Encik Suami whom helped with the bekal. Tq, tq, I love you.

Anyway, if you didn’t know, it’s 18 days away till my EDD.
And quite frankly, I am not that prepared. I feel like a first timer all over again. And recently, I had to help babysit my 3 month nephew and it certainly felt like a amateur.
I mean, when was the last I had to go through this.. oh, that was what, SIX YEARS ago?!!! OMG.
Hahahahaha. A lot of people asked why I waited so long, and even though I could list all the reasons and seasons, there isn’t really any.
Things just happened the way they did. One moment I felt content with two, the next I decided, let’s have an addition. Heheh 😉

So guys help me out here, what is it that I need again to prepare for the delivery and welcome the baby at home ya? Yes, yes.. laugh all you want, but I admit it.. aku macam blur. Except I definitely still remember that labour pain, and it is certainly not something I look forward to, thank you.


8 thoughts on “A 3rd, but feels like a 1st

  1. K-lynn, really? Only 18 days left before the EDD? Which hospital would it be? Kamal and I owe you a visit since the day we called to tell you we were in Seremban 2. Tak senonohlah kawan kau sorang ni.

  2. try reading baby-related websites – and i believe it’s all gonna coming back to you…

    semoga dipermudahkan dan dilindungi Allah sentiasa…

    p/s: masa dah turun tanda, my normal zikir would be ayat 20, surah abasa “summassabil la yassaroh”…

  3. aisey..so close already….if u’re planning to breastfeed, should always read susuibu.com’s forum. great tips for bf, storage,diet.

    kalau pasal baby illness, try read Baby’s First Year.It’s the extended version of what to expect series. I found it very useful for first time mommies like me.

    as for pantang, I’m getting this book, Ensiklopedia Perbidanan Melayu, great tips on how to take care of yourself pre-post natal period.

    the rest, can subscribe to babycenter.com.my for milestone development of your baby…

    I’m always around for shopping tips! hehe.

  4. chech: insyaAllah in Columbia Asia. About the visit, long forgotten and takde masalah pun. Aku ni je kalau weekends, mesti ada agenda dan family obligations.

    shahidah: thank you for the thoughts.

    az: thank you for the tip. and that’s what i do these days pun.. but with the kids all “grown up” and in school, i realized that i need to start over with a lot of things.

    erra: bila your due date? itulah dulu i was staying at my mom’s house. tak rasa stress sgt. skrg kat rumah sendiri kan. but am sure it’ll be more comfortable but requires some extra work.
    anyway, shopping tu saya suka.. hahaha. in fact dah buat beberapa siri shopping. hehehe.

  5. omg k-lynn, it seems like yesterday that i just met u and u being pregnant was still a secret back then,. now u are already due? omg, time flies, and u soon gona have a third. hehe.

    good luck k-lynn. i mcm si ecah le, org bujang takde nasihat. selamat beranak la kot ye tak 😉

    take care!!

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