The Dreaded Wednesday…

Oh Goodness… esok is Wednesday. I am so kelam kabut on Wednesday because Wednesday calls for a different routine. Wednesday is my tired day actually. I have so many things to remember that it is always kelam kabut, no matter how organized I try to be. And a whole month had passed too. Which goes to say, my training period is over.

Today, I am going to type it down, with hope (dan kunun-kununnya berazam) that tomorrow I shall remember everything. So, K-lynn.. remember that on Wednesday:

1. There is no mengaji for the kids. So leave those mengaji bags at home. Else, Sorfina is going to scream at you as usual, “Ibu! Kenapa bawak beg mengaji ni?”

2. Afnan has karate on Wednesday. So REMEMBER to pack his karate suit and THE BELT with it.

3. Since it’s Karate day, it means Afnan stays back a little late. So pack heavier bekal. Not just some flimsy roti gula or maggi goreng. Maybe extra allowance too.

4. Sorfina has piano class. At 8pm. So, make sure to take the music class bag and not mengaji. Else, you’ll be like orang gila rushing to pick up the bag in between of fetching the kids and sending to class.

5. Since we might not have time to take dinner BEFORE piano class, make sure to pack some snack before heading home. Buy it during lunch, so you won’t be rushing like orang gila.. again.

6. And remember to bring the laundry and/or laundry receipt so you can pick up the baju batik from the dry cleaner to wear tomorrow (Thursday).

Pheww… even typing this dah rasa semput. Bila clock out tu, mesti rushing nak sampai cepat dengan harapan dapat dinner BEFORE the piano class. Tp tak pernah berjaya. Sebab ada je something that gets in the way, such as.. Boss wants to have a meeting at 5.30pm.. which means I only get to leave at 7.00pm. Or the kids get lost, I keep forgeting the bag, so have to singgah home to pick up the bag. Or one of the kids sakit perut, so kena singgah rumah and do the business. Or my husband dah sampai. Kena pick him up. Then while Sorfina is attending class, I have to rush to Tesco’s surau for maghrib. Then singgah dry cleaner before they close. And then back to pick Sorfina and Afnan up.

Here’s to semangat that for the first time, tomorrow will be smooth sailing. InsyaAllah.


6 thoughts on “The Dreaded Wednesday…

  1. Alhamdullillah, this morning went fine.. except that Afnan woke up late.
    No. 1, ok. Instead Sorfina yang forgot and brought her mengaji bag.
    No. 2, ok. Remembered the belt too.
    No. 3, both ok.
    No. 4, ok.. bag in car already.
    No. 5, we’ll see this evening. Hopefully no meeting. Kalau tak cikgu piano dia will glare at me for being late.
    No. 6, settled it on Monday. So esok all my baju batik is ready.
    Everything else… tgklah malam nanti. Till then, kena berlakon jadi boss yang garang.. Hehehe.

  2. hahaha penat aku baca. tapi kan.. hidup aku pun penat gitu. except with one less child n bb forthcoming πŸ˜€ sbb tu x kuasa nk bother whether house is tidy or not.

    hail to the wonder-moms! (regardless of state of the house)

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