1. To stay in Putr@jaya… or not

2. To domestic helper… or not

3. To stay upstairs.. or downstairs

4. To make up my mind… or not.



4 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. your no 2 attracts me. i finally look for one because the working hours and location wise means more time either on the road or office for us. definitely need to keep the babies at home and comfortable with a good schedule and healthy feedings.

  2. nisha: ye, dia di Kementerian yang sama. Tapi ofis dia kat MINES. So I don’t see him pun. Nanti kita carik masa dan geng utk makan ye.

    Erra: Itulah pasal. But along with taking one, comes a lot of other issues and aspects to consider too. One, is that, aku tak comfortable sangat tinggal bersama.

    Yong: Kau memang membaca fikiranku… But all the food is downstairs.

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