Welcoming the New Year with Changes

So, tomorrow I will officially be at a new office. Sebenarnya, not so new pun. It’s just back to HQ. In fact, I’ll be at the same floor as before. So, Aras 6, I’m back… but at a different department.

Supposedly, I was to start yesterday, but I took 2 days leave to see that my kids could settle down with some changes as well. Alhamdullillah they seem fine. Not lost or anything. Neither were they sad. No one was injured, no one cried, yours truly included. Leganya.

Today I finally managed to clear my room with whatever little things I have. 30 minutes je, just to show how little things I have in there, because of the little time I spent there. Most were spent in my car. Anyway, cleaning and leaving, I am reminded of the things I will and will not miss. Things I am and am not looking forward. Among others:

What I’ll Miss

1. Plan my own day

2. Claimable mileage

3. Pants to work

4. Taking pictures

5. 20 minutes breezy drive to work.

6. Lunch at home? So possible!

7. Cuti, silalah…

8. Room with view of Seremban Town

What I’m Not Looking Forward To

1. 40 minutes dash on the highway

2. Jam at Bulatan Besar Putrajaya

3. Nametag

4. Batik every Thursday

5. Endless meetings (Mesy Pengurusan esp)

6. Bersalah nak cuti

7. 100km drive EVERYDAY

8. Meetings yang menggemukkan

Happy to Leave

1. Lonely Breakfast Days

2. Flying Squad – Report in 2 days

3. Fight for a parking space

4. Who gets to use the office car

5. Possibility of meeting pakcik sewel yang nak meraba


1. Designated Carpark

2. New Things to Learn, new people to meet

3. Office computer (sekarang pakai personal laptop kat office)

4. Lunch with many, many friends

5. Maternity Leave in March 2010, YEAY!!!!

8 thoughts on “Welcoming the New Year with Changes

  1. ziana: ok. tp aku asek kena dgr complain budak berdua tu tak nak makan.

    juned: jom. bila? call me.

    zaimah: mmg best.. tp sgt lambat rasanya nak tiba. in the mean time, kena bear with sentiasa mengantuk di tempat kerja.

    yong: aku rasa by the time aku bersalin dah abis kot AI tu.

  2. Tini: Hahahaha… Takdelah ramai. Tapi ada je possibilitynya bila masuk² kampung ni. Yg sewel tu mmg ada jelah beb. Nak meraba tu, entahlah.. tp ada sekali dah penah kena. Tp yang jenis busuk dan kurang pembersih ni banyak beb.

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