Yasmin Ahmad’s Films Book

In conjunction with Muallaf’s opening at local cinema, I thought I’d write about the Yasmin Ahmad’s Films book, written by Amir Muhammad that I bought recently.

So, why did I buy the book?

1. The author and publisher offered free delivery. Click, click.. buku sampai. No extra charge or movement. Sape tak nak..

2. The author would personally autograph the book.. sweet.

3. I have a soft spot for Matahari Books.. don’t ask me why.. maybe because I won one previously.

4. I haven’t seen all of YA’s films.. so I would like to know what they are about.

5. Those that I watched, I didn’t understand it all.

6. The sale would go to Mercy – Yasmin Ahmad Fund for Children.. which means, I’d be contributing to helping human kind indirectly.

Now that I’ve read it, what do I think?

1. I love it. It’s a keepsake. A reference. Something you can grab and start reading at any page.

2. It certainly helped me understand parts of YA’s films that I didn’t understand.

3. Gives an insight to her films and some commercials too.

4. Lets you in on things about the author, such as, eh dia dah pegi Umrah (totally trivia, but still).

5. Makes you want to go out and get all of YA’s movie.

6. Corrects the statement that most people say: Sh. Amani is the actress most seen in YA’s films. (If not her, who? Buy the book to find out)

7. All the more reasons to watch Muallaf, now it is out at the local cinemas.


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