10 Things About MAKbH.

Today marks the 7th year of my son, my first born. That means, I’ve been a mother for exactly 7 years. Wow. What a time to reflect.

Anyway, here’s a “10 things about Afnan”.

  1. Afnan loves the outdoor. That is before he discovered Cartoon Network. Actually he still does, if there is a friend or more to accompany him. He loves running, playing ball – football, basketball, hockey, swimming.
  2. Talking about swimming, like most kids, he loves the swimming pool. He used to bathe is his basin until he was four. Even when he couldn’t fit in it anymore. He would bring in all kinds of toys into the basin. These days however, it’s a battle trying to make him bathe.
  3. Most people say that he is a fast learner. When I took him for his first swimming lesson, his instructor didn’t believe he was only five. His nursery and kindergarten teachers said he learns fast too. And has good memory too. He would remember where things are kept even when he was only one. But, most of his teachers agree too, being a typical boy, he can be a bit malas. Maybe he finds learning too easy, he takes it for granted.
  4. He has a soft heart. When he was about a year old, if I cried (or pretend to cry), he would cry with me. Unlike his sister who would stare at me instead.
  5. He is ALWAYS shouting or screaming. Ever since he was a baby. I only realized this (screaming since a baby) when I watched videos of him when he was a younger.
  6. Oh, he’s such an impatient baby. I remember that he was always wailing in the middle of the night if I was slow at making his milk, change his diaper, let his bottom cool in the air too long. He became an impatient boy too. But now at 7, he learns to wait because his mommy is such a procrastinator and so slow. Heheh.
  7. As I mentioned once in this blog, I had his name ever since I was 16. I got his name from the surah Ar-Rahman. Which directly translated as branches. Or twigs. But the deeper meaning of the ayat, am not so sure.
  8. Lots of people had commented that ever since he was a baby, Afnan has this twinkle in his eyes, whenever he is being photographed, that says, I am cheeky and naughty. Even looking at his picture, without meeting him, you can guess how naughty he can be. Ye ke?
  9. Like me, Afnan can eat ice cream every day. He can even live on ice cream, if there wasn’t rice available. Before he was two, he loved vegetable. Sawi, Spinach, Cabbage. He once climbed the dining table and sneaked under the tudung saji to eat spinach. But these days, he takes his food simple. White rice and fried chicken. Only. White rice and nugget. Mee hailam, no onions, no garlic, no chilli, no chicken and no vegetable. KFC chicken, only. What he loves best these days is Maggi Kari.
  10. He is such a scaredy cat. He won’t go upstairs alone. He won’t go to the kitchen if it’s dark. He won’t go to sleep if I didn’t come to bed with him. But he’s not afraid of people.

Happy Birthday to Muhammad Afnan Khair bin Hazly (you’ve added so much joy and kekusutan in our lives. We will always love you) and, not forgetting, Rafidah Ramli too.


5 thoughts on “10 Things About MAKbH.

  1. no7. kagum gile ko masa ko bgtau tu dl.hahaahha. dari umur 16thn ko simpan nama tu utk dia.
    happy b’day jgk afnan. sorilah tak belikan hadiah smlm, tak sempat la nk cari2.huhuhu

  2. Klynn,

    sorilah tak dapat datang semalam. ada tetamu datang dari jauh so kena la entertain. anyway tunjukla gambar afnan kau tu. and adik dia sekali.

  3. Sufi: Takpelah sufi. Kau datang pun dah kira terima kasih banyak. Saya pun suka jumpa Amsyar.

    Eny: Takpe, saya paham. Nanti adik aku dah bagi gambar, aku letak ye.

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