Songs that get me going…

Teringat Stone yang lari while playing songs in his head (instead of mp3 player), I thought, what songs would get me running (or jogging, or walking faster).

So, if I were jogging (or walking most of the time, if I get around to actually doing it), I love to have these songs on. Such happy tunes that it gets me going (though no. 4 is actually a sappy story song) .

1. Just Dance – Lady Gaga

2. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) – Beyonce

3. I’ve Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas

4. You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift

5. Viva La Vida – Coldplay.

What music inspires you?


6 thoughts on “Songs that get me going…

  1. me? currently:

    1. wondergirls – nobody
    2. david archuleta – touch my hand
    3. david elfman – the little things
    4. beyonce – listen
    5. mariah carey – obsessed

    threadmill 5km pun bleh bila ada lagu2 camni 🙂

  2. takde la lagu yg inspire2 utk bersenam ni. dh lama gile tak bersenam.
    tiba2 tingat time dp@ dl, naik keta rocco nyanyi2 mcm org gile. rocco je. kita tak gile. hahahahhaha

  3. shahidah: threadmill membuat saya terasa spt hamster kadang2. heh.

    nisha: apa, apa gossip. email saya sudi menerima. hehe. tak cukup yahoo, gmail saya tadahkan.. hahahaha

    sufiah: man, good old days. siapa sangka, rocco yang kita kutuk tulah selalu kita naik ketanya.. hahahahahah. tu tak kira lagi suka main teka lirik.

    faruq: ear splitting music gets you going? doing what man?

  4. 5 songs [currently] get me going;
    i. knock you down – keri hilson, kanye west, ne-yo
    ii. i got a feeling – b.e.p
    iii. that’s not my name – the tings tings
    iv. no one – alicia keys
    v. unwritten – natasha b.

    tapi selalu bertukar la… hihi…

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