5 and 10 Interesting (??) Facts About You and Me


The rules:
  • Write 5 interesting facts about the person who gave you this award
  • Write 10 interesting facts about yourself or you hobbies
  • Pick your 10 most deserving recipients and describe them
  • Leave a comment on the recipients’ blog to tell them they’ve been tagged
  • Paste the award badge in your sidebar

Part 1: 5 Facts about Eny

  1. Personally I think she has OCD. Heheh. I don’t think she would disagree sebab for example, kalau gi makan luar she only drinks non cold bottled water. Lepas tu, byk lah benda lain.
  2. She has so many siblings, I am amazed. And they seem so close knitted too.
  3. Aku salut dengan Eny sbb telah berani cabut 4 batang gigi sekali gus. Kau mmg berani.
  4. I always thought Eny is younger than me, I never knew we are of the same age. I guess whatever awet muda she’s using, it’s working lah kot.
  5. If it wasn’t for Nurul, maybe tak kenal kot si Eny ni.. or I would be calling her something else other than Eny. Frankly (and I’m sorry) aku tak ingat apa nama penuh si Eny ni.

Part 2: 10 Interesting Facts About Me/ My hobbies

  1. Sebab Eny related, so I’lltalk about something she knows: I prefer cooking spaghetti for guests because the ingredients are usually easily available because I can buy them in advance – canned mushroom, tomato puree, oregano, frozen minced meat, spaghetti. Only thing fresh is onion lah kot.
  2. Part of my body that gets cold very easily are my toes. Too cold sometimes. When I gave birth to Afnan and Sorfina, my Dad used to feel my toes and scolded me for not wearing socks. My Dad took berpantang agak seriously sebab he was the one who took care of my mother when she gave birth to us.
  3. Between the age of 13 and 15, I had a habit of doodling on my school uniform’s kain. You know the biru laut kain. Why? Bored.. and malas nak keluarkan buku conteng. So my kain sekolah, tak boleh nak dipass-downkan kepada sesiapa. 
  4. So everyone knows I like to bake. And my cakes are sedap, but they are ugly. 🙂
  5. I have a habit of keeping/putting things under my pillow. Ever since I in tadika kot, even till now. A lot less now, but still do. Ask sufi, berapa banyak barang aku bwah bantal masa kat Bkt Kiara dulu.
  6. My son’s friends (from tadika) calls me Akak instead of auntie or makcik. They introduce me to their mom as Kakak Afnan, instead of Mak Afnan which is more embarassing rather than flattering. 
  7. Once upon a time, I thought my siblings macam ramai. Tapi dah besar-besar ni, rasa macam sikit, tak cukup. Sorang dah kat sana, another there, tiba-tiba dah sikit.
  8. Even though I have moved into my own home in Seremban 2, whenever people ask me where do  live, I would tell them my mom’s place, which is Bukit Chedang. Why? Entah dah terbiasa. Maybe also because whenever I come back from work, I have to go there first kot.
  9. Alah saya dah takde benda nak share. I think I’ve done this tagging thing numerous times, I’ve sort of bared it all for all to know. What is left about me, that is so mysterious? Takdak dah… hmmm. So, 9 is enough lah for the time being, ya.

Part 3: 10 most deserving

Most deserving.. tak taulah. But I’ll award them to my readers, and blogs that I read. Korang nak buat, buatlah. Tak nak, don’t worry.. you won’t have 7 years bad luck or meet with an accident. I mean if you do, they’re all fated and God’s willing. But most probably, you guys dan buat pon tag ni. Aku ke je lembab. Your blog mmg amazing pun! 😉

  1. Nisha
  2. Faruq
  3. Fique
  4. Chech
  5. Ahmed Syam
  6. Sufiah
  7. Rafiqa
  8. Intan
  9. dan Epi
  10. dan terakhir, back to Eny.

5 thoughts on “5 and 10 Interesting (??) Facts About You and Me

  1. elo bebeh… lama giler tak dengar cite. bz eh? well, thanks for the award. pernah dpt skali frm somebody else tapi aku tak buat lagi yg description panjang2 tuh… hehe… ada masa lapang nanti aku wat eh?

  2. Ahmed Syam tagged me as well. Seperti selalunya, bila ditag, aku slow bertindak sebab rasa upload gambar lebih laju daripada membuat tag (tapi suka ditag).

    Kau mesti mau kata Kamal and I could be over-enthusiastic about your cake (ha!), but it WAS good.

    As for the kain sekolah, although I didn’t doodle on them, I usually stapled them when the kelepet terkoyak.

  3. giler ah, k-lynn update blog siot! hehe and then proceeded to tag me. aku sendiri pun skrg sudah amat demotivated untuk update. so, tengok la dulu.

  4. yes, betul kata Puan Chech. aku dah tag dia aritu. aku masa nak mula buat tag ni pun malas yg amat.. thanks for the tag anyway..

    psstt.. cakes for me?

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