5 Whys…

1. Why, when I’m pissed angry, I feel like eating?
2. Why, when I’m stressed out, I feel like eating?
3. Why, when I eat, I get fat?
4. Why, do these people need to let off their steam on me?
5. Why, do I need to ask these questions?



13 thoughts on “5 Whys…

  1. I guess for no.1 and 2, those are just the way your body cope with stress. Every other person’s body has its own mechanism of handling anger, sadness, and other negative emotions. mine’s the exact opposite of yours. bengang or stress, jadi kurang makan. huhu~

    1. Faruq, that’s really nice of you. I mean, I dont know.
      Anyway, thanks. Aku tgh nak diet ni.. tp stress dan bengang plak.
      Jgn bawak kerja ke hati, kan?

  2. haha easier said than done. siapa yg betul2 boleh elak fikir hal kerja bila bukan waktu kerja? unavoidable. so in your case, tough luck la kalau your body’s mechanism is to eat more when in stress. hehe~

    1. if you put it that way.
      no, it’s never a reward.. just a reliever.. like minyak cap kapak.. or steroid?.. you know, to keep you going, but at the same get your mind not to think about it..

      thanks for the birthday wish.

    1. itulah, we hace our days, huh..
      duduk di perantauan, tanpa keluarga, lagilah kan..
      (so not comforting, huh?)
      take care.
      ps: miss singing my heart out to a very loud music that it drowned my croaky voice next to you melodious one.

    1. wah.. that’s so sweet of you. i mean, coming from a guy.
      thank you, but maybe you haven’t met me for so long.
      ada orang cakap muka aku macam pau, ok..

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