3 Top Annoying People On The Road

1. People who takes up other people’s lane.

The road markings are there for a reason. So that you stay in your line when you drive. Like when you color… you stay inside the line. I could be considerate and understand if say, maybe, you’re turning at a corner or something. But this is a !@#$%*& straight line. If you’re drunk or too happy or in any way emotionally instable too drive, then don’t.

2. People Who Do Not Signal When Changing Lane

On a straight lane, I would most probably be driving fast. Maybe too fast for your own good. But that does not mean I cannot accomodate when you need to change lanes. But how the %$&@ am I supposed to know your intention if you do not tell me. And the language on the road is to turn on your signal light. And you have the nerve to glare AT ME when you’re obviously the guilty party?

3. People Who Beams At You When You Are Struggling to Give Way

Okay, as I said before.. I drive in the fast lane. But I am aware that you drive FASTER. And I obviously do not want to be in your way or in any way hasten your pace. But as you can see, and please try to see, I have given my signal light to go left, but there are obviously to many cars for me to do it RIGHT NOW, THIS INSTANCE. SO PLEASE STOP BLINKING YOUR HIGH BEAMS ON ME!



4 thoughts on “3 Top Annoying People On The Road

  1. agree with you, and with ezri. people in item no.3 memang bangsat. what do you expect us to do, ram the cars in the left lane just so you could pass? f*****g idiots.

  2. e & f: oh, aku ingat aku sorang je berperasaan macam tu, sbb kadang2 rasa, mungkin aku yang lembab… atau kuat berangan, tak perasan a fast car is approaching…

    well, apparently.. korang pon kuat berangan.. hehehe.

  3. no no no bukan kuat berangan.. in most of the cases, memang simply takde ruang untuk masuk balik ke lane kiri..

    these people are better suited to germany and her 5-lane highways, me thinks.

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