25 Random Facts About Yours Truly

This is the same post as my Facebook Note.. since dah lama tak update, just replicate jelah… Actually this entry is so long overdue. Sorrylah to those who tagged me, probably korang pon dah lupa.

Anyway, here goes:

1.  I was born on a friday.

2.  I have a habit of putting things everywhere and then forget them.

3.  I always believed and still do that one day, I’ll win a car.

4.  I love maple syrup. I especially love maple syrup with butter, eaten with pancake, waffle or toast.

5.  I have a habit of doing things at the very last minute. Ideas turn up better at those hour. But quality, of course out lah.

6.  I hope I would actually jog every weekend, as I had planned.

7.  I love coffee. When I was doing my practical, I had Coffeebean IB every week. Until I was overdosed with caffein, that I couldn’t even stand the smell of coffee. It’d give a headache. But now I’m ok.

8.  I would order teh o ais limau when I eat outside. Or Ice Lemon Tea.

9.  I dream of a home with 7 rooms, complete with a laundrette and mini library, among other things.

10. I got married at the age of 23. These days if I heard someone was getting married at 23, I’d think they’re awfully young.

11. I can’t bring myself to fold the laundry. I don’t know why. To me, it’s just torture.

12. I am scared of lizards. Cicak to be specific.

13. I love playing on the swings, ever since I can remember. Was it 4 years old? I don’t know. And I still do. Now, I’m so proud that my daughter can swing herself high without my help. My husband, afraid that she would fall reminded her not to swing too high and asked me, how does she know how to do that? Proudly I said, I taught her. *Grinning ear to ear*

14. I’ve always had color pencils (at least) with me, wherever I went. School. College. Uni. Integer. BTMK. And then, when I was at BED, I don’t know what happened. I was color pencilsless, if I may say. But when I was buying stationery for Afnan, I bought him the 12 colors coloring pencils and 48 colors for me. Hehehe.

15. I used to berangan of owning a shop for papers. Color papers. For art and craft. Little did I know (then) that other people would have the same aspirations.

16. I’ll be close to 30 years this year (as someone put it).

17. I’ve been calling up radio stations ever since I was 11.

18. I’ve just realized that I have so many blogs, I can’t keep up with myself. And this one, considering it from friendster, is the longest.

19. I got stuck at #19 while trying to write 25 random facts.

20. I can’t stand itchiness. Kalau nyamuk gigit, mmg tak boleh ignore. I had a hard time sleeping at PULADA sbb gatal all over. Thank god for ubat gatal yang mengantukkan.

21. I love my own iron. I think irons are very personal.

22. Talking about iron, reminds me of Jeremy Irons and Man in the Iron Mask (which Irons is also in it).. which brings to this fact about me: Saya suka cerita zaman kuda. ie: Three Musketeers (and the nice song: All for Love), First Knight, A Knight’s Tale, etc.

23. I think my favorite colors are green, gray, brown and maroon.

24. I used to dislike my name when I was between 6 and 7 years old.. because I didn’t know how to pronounce it. I thought, who’d in their right mund spell a name (or word) starting with two vocals and then two vowels. (My vocab was so low at 6).

25. Eh, last one already? I’m so glad that I got this over with. Finally!


6 thoughts on “25 Random Facts About Yours Truly

  1. sama 2, 5, 11, 16 dan 21. saya juga sayangkan iron saya sebab mahal, cordless, jenama panasonic, dan steam. sangat kagum walaupun saya benci iron baju.

    faruq, stetmen sebut nama itu sangat kelakar dan klasik. wery funny. amma’

    1. Aku rasa nombor 2 dan 5 tu mmg sangat common. Tapi kenapa ek.. kalau buat kerja awal macam takde idea.. or maybe we just didn’t try hard enough. Desperation definitely can bring the best out of people.. heheheh

      Iron saya pon jenama Panasonic.. tp tak cordless, but panjang gila wayar dia. 3meter kot.

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