Movies I’d Like to Watch

Wow.. it’s been soooo long. There’s so much dust too, being collected here. Though I miss blogging so much, I don’t know why I haven’t done so.

And today, I’m trying to get the ball rolling again. Maybe it’s the memories of my Dad that’s been creeping up these past few days that had brought my fingers back to the keyboard.

Anyway, focus on the entry’s topic, I haven’t been to the movies for quite some time. I think the last movie I watched was Quantum of Solace. And this month, a lot of interesting movies are coming out. Hopefully I will able to catch some, at least by next week.

These are on my MUST watch list:

1. Confession of a Shopaholic – the first time I read the book, I knew it would be motion picture eventually. It has all the ingredients.. and I kept waiting for it to materialize. And now it’s finally here, no way am I gonna miss it.

2. Talentime – mom’s been bugging me to watch it. Might as well. There’s Jac in it.

3. He’s Just Not That Into You – I’m a sucker for Drew Barrymore. That’s it.

Okaylah, all my choices are membosankan. But I like free and easy movies. Hidup aku seharian dah cukup drama dan suspens dll.


9 thoughts on “Movies I’d Like to Watch

  1. I would like to suggest you go watch Geng (kalau it’s still showing la). If you had to watch only one Malaysian movie per year, make Geng the one for 2009. I was skeptical at first, but was incredibly very entertained by the end of it.

    hmm nanti dah tengok shopaholic tu bagi review sikit ek? I’m such a huge fan of the books, ak nak la kecewa kalau tengok movie fall short of lofty standards of the books.

  2. faruQy, hate to burst the bubble but the critics aren’t warming up to the movie.

    me want to watch slumdog millionaire and talentime!

  3. Faruq: Tersangat nak tgk, unfortunately ain’t showing neither in Putrajaya nor Seremban. Kena tunggu aku gi Melaka lah nampaknya. (KL jarang sampai)
    Tak sangka kau pon baca chick lit. Hehe.

    Shahidah: Haah terlupa lak slumdog. Tapi dah tak showing, kan.. tak sempat hari tu. Macam-macam kerja. Kena tgk kat Gardens Gold Glass la nampaknya.

  4. hmm…itulaa…aku pn teringin gile nk tgk yg no 1 tu. tp rsnya akan kecewa…mesti tak mcm yg aku visualize kan time baca buku heheheh…terutamanya luke brandon

  5. confessions of a shopaholic sangat best!!! (tiga tanda seru)

    my fave scene is the tarian kipas. sangat lawak! gonna hunt for the books!!

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