Things I Can Do While Driving

Dedicated to pemegang buku kami #188

1. makan and minum
2. text and talk on phone
3. sing like crazy
4. change clothes
5. blogging like, now!


4 thoughts on “Things I Can Do While Driving

  1. cik 188 been wanting to blog while driving. it’s her DREAM! hehehe.. but i think she meant from a LAPTOP of something.

    no.4 tu aku penah buat sebab rushing for time. venue: KL-Putrajaya highway.. sila pastikan anda berada dalam jarak selamat di antara kereta lain. kalau federal highway… oh, no-n0-no.

  2. i so hate u for being able to blog while driving. that is so effing unfair!!! hehe. tp pakai fon ape kelas. booorrrring. 😛

    change clothes while driving? tu eden tak reti. kalo undressing eden reti la. hehehe.

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