Things I Long for at the Moment

I long for a warm plush bed
I long for small arms around me when I drift to sleep
I long for a proper table/desk to complete my reports
I long to slip into whatever’s comfortable to wear for night and day
I long to watch numerous shows on ASTRO
I long to watch DVD on tv instead of the laptop
I long to wake up on my own, instead of the banging on the door
I long to have a time alone, to do my things
I long to watch PGL at the IB
I long for so many things but I know his longing list is even longer than mine

At least…
I can venture out beyond this building
I get to send seven year old to school
I get to bathe and change clothes everyday
I get to burp without feeling pain
I have no restrictions to what I choose to eat


6 thoughts on “Things I Long for at the Moment

  1. Watching numerous shows on ASTRO..that i get to do now. D joy of confinemt. Just realisd how much i missd shows like whose line is it anyway, that 70’s show. I even get 2 watch i love d 80s n 90s on mtv. U r probably hating me now so m shutting up now

  2. No, not really…

    Enjoy your confinement. Dulu-dulu before astro, masa pantang it’s just telenovela spanish dan cerita2 melayulah.. Those night shows memang tak dapat layan sebab masa tulah dia nak menyusu. If I breastfeed while watching TV, my mom bising.

    Anyway, if I haven’t wished you, congratulations to you Yong. I’m sure this one will bring you as much joy as you hope for. Take care!

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