Apa Ada Dalam Lunchbox Afn@n

Comel Tak?
Comel Tak?

1. Teddy Bear’s Face shaped rice
2. Flower shaped sunny side up
3. Chicken Nuggets
3. Nestle’s Honey Stars
4. Cadbury Bytes
5. Not in the picture: Gardenia Twiggies
6. Water


11 thoughts on “Apa Ada Dalam Lunchbox Afn@n

  1. enn: bilolah pulak.. remember, aku ni tak hebat lagi sebab tak dapat nak catch a flying airplane.

    zz: yes.. that’s right. but it’s actually sustagen, bukan vitagen.

    mimi: kat parkson lah beb. kau tanya epi dengan raiz. diorang bleh tunjukkan. 😉

  2. And, do you have any idea where to buy alphabet-shape pasta?

    On Cadbury Bytes (which I love! particularly when consumed with cold milk), my niece said the following to me upon being given the snack: Maklang, Sha sukalah makanan kucing tu.

  3. chech: alphabet shaped? i was wondering about that too.. ada yang dah siap. panaskan dalam tin ada kot. otherwise susah jumpa.

    i bought animal/teddy bear shaped kat marks & sp3ncer. tapi biasalah, mahal. sekali-sekala okaylah.

  4. Hi there k-lynn!

    have always been your silent reader. Hari ni baru nak nyampuk.

    Nway.. you can get the alphabet-shaped pasta at Cold Storage. My sister just bought me a packet. I think it’s called Alfabato/alphabato (for obvious reason). Cost RM8.50 kalau tak silap. Cute stuff eh?

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