Online Shopping Spree

For the past 2, 3 weeks, I’ve been on a shopping spree.. but online. Didn’t buy that much, but 4 purchases in 21 days, can be considered a spree lah to me. Mungkin terasa account penuh, menyebabkan online transfer is easy. Heheh. So what did I buy:

1. Loving Sample Kit  from
Have yet to try out the products because just picked it up from PosLaju office today. But at first try of the foundation on my hand, dah best dah.

2. Laptop Cover from gin & Jacqie
I’ve been wanting to buy a laptop cover since my birthday. So when it is on sale, I quickly grabbed it. Waiting for it to arrive.

3. Egg Mould from New Stylish Tokyo
Now since my son is in school, I have to prepare bekal for him. So, to make it more interesting, I buy all these bento gadgets lah.. I already have a few bought from Parkson and Jusco, actually. Anyway, doing business with nst is so breezy. I ordered yesterday afternoon, and this morning dah sampai.

4. Incanto Shine and DKNY Be Delicious from perfume supplier
This is my cheap perfume supplier. He supplies perfume (ori, mine you) whose packaging are defected – the bottle or the box. If you’re interested, ask me about it. 🙂

So, all in all.. I am sooo happy with my purchases. Can’t wait to start using them. And the sellers too are nice people.. all of them. So easy to communicate and talk to them. Accomodating too. Hope their business will prosper, especially in this 2009.


10 thoughts on “Online Shopping Spree

  1. hehehe…best kalo time akaun rimau byk RM RM RM
    eh…skang ni print gmbr pn aku onlinekan…tp bercinta skit nk upload gmbr….3posen satu gmbr 4R. ok laa…takyah g kedai. dh siap diprint dia akan anta kat kita…syiokk!

  2. shahidah: i’ve mailed you.

    ahmedsyamchekub: the company’s name is loving minerals. now if one is aware of that, maybe one’s thought wouldn’t be so perverted.

    sufi: online shopping rawks… that is until something like Sandra Bullock from the movie The Net happens. 😉

  3. K-lynn,

    Lama ku tak menjenguk blog ni. Sekali jenguk, banyakle entry yang nak di baca. Hehehe, aku guna jugak mineral make-up dari Loving Mineral. I’m loving it! Tapi yang tak bestnye time nak shake off extra powder tu lah, hehehe.

    Dah lama aku nak start bento-ing. Entry ko yang tunjuk bekal Afnan bikin aku berkobar-kobar nak mulakan. Hehehe..

  4. fique: haah. saya pon suka. especially the apa-ntah-namanya powder tu.

    akunye bento simplified gila sbb apa yang afnan makan limited. yours mesti menarik nanti.. cepatlah buat. hehe

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