What Calms You?

Macam tagline C@ltex plak.. What drives you. Anyway, as I was driving alone (as always) today, I thought this is so calming. And what else, calms me.. (apart from eating chocolate.. everyone who has been my officemate would know, my desk was always never out of chocolates. Bila stress je, I would eat them non-stop).

1. Driving alone, when time is on my side and I am not on the highway. Sometimes I can almost hear myself think.

2. When I’m drown myself in a fiction. It is calmer when the kiddies are asleep, otherwise I’d feel guilty for ignoring them.

3. Baking. I had almost forgotten how theurapetic baking can be for me. I can get lost in the mixing and blending and everything. But only baking. Oh, and only cakes. Baking cookies stresses me out sebab kena tunggu lama, batch after batch. And cake decorating too.. I just can’t figure out how to do a decent deco. Mesti serabut dan aku stress.

4. Warm bath. Since our house has no bath tub, and neither does my mom, have to wait bila outstations at hotels lah kan. (Sufi, ingat tak yang Yom cakap dalam bas.. with orange juice.. hahaha).


7 thoughts on “What Calms You?

  1. faruq: betul. betul.. vacation actually stresses me out. the packing. then the balik kena basuh baju bertimbun. the screaming kids. tapi masa vacation tu, enjoy jelah the now.

    sufi: ye betul…

  2. movies de-stress me. kalo stress maximum, aku suka layan cerita2 heavy drama coz it makes me feel better that some people’s lives are more screwed up than mine hehe

  3. kusu: tido? best gak.. tapi biasa kalau bangun mesti kusut balik.. kalau aku sedih, aku tido. 😉

    chech: glossy magazines sometimes buat diriku makin tak tenang.. reminds me how not thin I am.. tp boleh lah lost in thoughts kejap.

    stone: hahaha. movie mmg paling bestlah.. memang betul tu. kau mmg screwed up..

    eh aku lupa nak tambah. kalau aku tension semacam, malas nak pikir, aku suka mewarna. coloring not drawing. i’ve always had color pencils wherever i worked. from the private it firm, the job as dba, even now.

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