5 Reasons Why I Like WordPress

1. I know how many people visit my site (without extra tools).

2. I know which site links to my blog

3. It shows what search terms lead to here and some are rather kelakar such as: perasaan puasa (Huh??!! Apa perasaan puasa? Lapar?)

4. I gives me great feeling knowing I’m helping some people through my entries when they search for things like “places to visit in cameron” “cupcakes in seremban” and end up here.

5. When I add people’s wordpress blogs to my Google Reader, it is able to show how many comments have been made (as compared to blogspot and blogdrive).


7 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Like WordPress

  1. wah… dah 2 posts in the span of a few days… impressive. ni mesti sebab bulan2 posa nih ko tak site kan? btw, i’ve moved to putrajaya oredi…

  2. haha itu la pasal, I was about to say the same thing. semangat k-lynn blog sekarang.

    hmm aku pun dah lama macam menarik wordpress ni and have thought about migrating here. tapi rasa sayang pulak nak meninggalkan my present blog ni.. hehe

  3. Faruq: If you would like to migrate, there’s a function to import posts from your blogger account to here. so, you’d still have the same content… except of course those links and all lah. and wordpress belum ada yg summary function tu kot..

    Nisha: Ya, I read from your blog about you moving. Selamatlah di tempat baru. A change finally? Anyway, saya bukan rajin sangat, cuma kesian kepada blog diabaikan.

  4. I like your site, and your sense of style and writing is impressive…

    moreover i am new to this type of blogging i like to you to visits my site ..and give suggestion to improve

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