1 Sesi Luahan Perasaan

1. Merdeka Celebration

Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan. Reminiscing my younger days, when I used to live in a different neighborhood, I couldn’t care less about Perpaduan. All I knew was, my neighbors were chinese and indian who were very nice people. During Chinese New Year, we would be eagerly waiting in front of our houses for the lions to dance at Peng Peng’s house. During deepavali, we would go and eat muruku and ladhu at Appu’s house. During Hari Raya, of course they would come to my house and my mom never fail to order muruku from the Punjabi auntie opposite our house. During mooncake festival, my siblings and I would also buy lanterns so that we could play with the other kids. We ate mooncake, and they were delicious. Christmas, that was interesting too, because Francesca’s house would be full lights and we were always invited for the celebration. Back then, no one told me about perpaduan. The preaching about it was less too. And no one told me of Malay supremacy. Life was less complicated and a lot more fun.

My grand uncle who lived at the other end of the street always condemned my mother for letting us play and eat in our neighbors’ homes. It’s the dogs and the plates and the food. My mom just let us be.

What am I trying to story.. I don’t know lah morning glory.. go figurelah.

2. Cheaper Clothes

Read this in nst online this morning:

The Kuala LumpurConsumer Association likened second-hand shopping as “a move from civilised to uncivilised”.

Its vice-president, Jay Sinnah Naidu, doubts there will be a rise in these consumers because brand-conscious Malaysians will not buy used products.


“People do not wear used clothes. Only construction workers shop in bundle stores.”


Excuse me? Just because you don’t go to bundle stores, tolonglah jgn buat generalization. Berlagak pulak.. and however did you become the Vice President KLCA.. Apparently you know nothingabout the consumers. When I was in the States, second hand shops were aplenty. And the condition is just as good as new. In fact, the shops were as stylish as designer clothes shop. I’m not emotional or defensive because I shop at these stores, I don’t. But I don’t think this person was right to make that statements. It’s called vintage lah

3. Emo Weekend leading to this Emo Day. Today.

Last weekend, I was at my in law’s kampung. Apparently, there were so many issues to deal with.
Last night, I had iftar at my mother’s house with my siblings, except Bro 1 and Bro 3. Apparently, we still carry our emotional baggage from that day – 080808.
Last hour, I had just finished yming with one of my girlfriends from former office. Apparently, the story I got earlier wasn’t half the truth.

4. Of Money

Oh, I will list this later. Nampaknya, ramadan ni, my rezeki is a little tight. So much money has to be forked out for so many things.

Great, it’s my siesta time. Sorrylah geng. Lain kali sambung lagi.

Take care dan selamat menjalani ibadat puasa.


11 thoughts on “1 Sesi Luahan Perasaan

  1. troy: tak boleh aku typo sket.. yeah, i saw that, tapi too sleepy lah nak betulkan. Dah betul dah.. ok.

    chech: Ya, right. Lopeh tu, duit susu dia, pampers… ponek den. Ajok yolah yang ado duo ni ha..

  2. woman, sape yg vice president yg koman tak pnah beli used goods tu? ok, maybe some of us never done it, but i personally do. not that i always do it, but there are some clothes yg totally vintage and rare and it’s a must-have. well, at least for an so called indie chick like me. 😛

    i know where u r coming from. she shouldnt have made the generalization. just because she can afford stuffs. poyo siut.

  3. fiqa: ya, poyo is the word.

    echah: itulah pasal. artist ada gak yang pergi beli bundle ni. and construction workders macam from bangla tu entah² beli baju kat Espirit ke apa.. u never know.

    faruq: itu, kena sit down dengan akulah cerita.

  4. oh ya..saya sungguh tidak puas hati orang itu cakap kutuk bundle.. kami adik beradik selalu pegi bundle.Especially kalau nak cari kasut..almaklum..adik aku kaki extra size,nak cari kasut2 kat sini susah.bundle lah jawabnyer.kadang2 kasutnya lagi branded.haha..harga pulak murah dekat 8 kali dari yang kat kedai.begitu juga jeans. hmmm.. agaknya yang memberi komen itu tidak pernah menjejak kaki ke kedai2 bundle. berlagak. huhh.sungguh tidak berjiwa rakyat.

    ek eh saya pulak yg emo..tumpang lalu yer klynn..:D

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