3 Places In Kedah – The lesser attraction

Thanks to the organization i worked with, I had the opportunity to go on CHOGM (if u dont know that, ask me)… This time it’s in Sik, Kedah, about 50 – 60 minutes drive from Alor Setar. Had it not for work, I guess, I would probably never set foot in this area, let alone discover wonderful places. In the midst of busy schedule, we managed to squeeze in some time to visit these places:

1. Air Panas Ulu Lenggong

The place had been developed beatifully with pretty landscape. You have to go at night when the air is cooler but the air (water) is warmer. They have 3 pools.. hot, hotter and hottest. I just dipped my legs due to my laziness to bring extra stiffs – towel, clothes, etc.

2. Lata Mengkuang

The waterfall is just great and it’s so clean. Not polluted. Pergilah..

3. Rimba Taqwa

If I’m not mistaken, this is one of the earliest recreational forest established in Kedah. The waterfall is just breathtaking.

Too bad I left my camera at home. I wish I had some pictures to share. But anyway, if you plan for a cuti-cuti malaysia in the nature, considerlah sik, kedah.. maybe you can book a place kat KEDA Resort, which is nearby these places. (wah promo organisasi sendiri plak…)


13 thoughts on “3 Places In Kedah – The lesser attraction

  1. khai: i didn’t go hunting. they were there. it would have been a waste not to enjoy them.. and stupid too. does it make you depress?

    faruq: haah tulah, aku x faham.. kenapa khai depress..

    jannah: alah, i seganlah. you and anna celebrity… hehehe. yes, dat datin.. hmm.

  2. CHOGM : Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. I remember this because I think some time in the 90s KL ada host, and my dad went there.

  3. faruq: Hahahahah.. bukanlah faruq.. sungguh skema jawapan itu.

    Mid: Mid dah dekat tu..

    Sufi: Air terjun mengenangkan pada dun semerak, kan?

    Walaupun xde orang tanya, I’m gonna give the answer anyway.

    CHOGM = Cheap Holiday On Govt’s Money.

  4. Shortlist Cuti Cuti Malaysia:

    1. Pulau redang
    2. Pulau tioman
    3. Taman Negara
    4. Sik??
    takpelah. tunggu aku habis 1,2,3 hehe

  5. thanks sebab teriklan KEDA Resort Bendang Man Sik,
    Mai la ramai ramai macam-macam ada..kat sini..
    kalau nak tau tentang KEDA Resort contact saya..

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