7 Things I Think I Can Write About…

1. What I did over the weekend – baked a batch of chocolate cupcakes, among others.

2. How my car is okay now.. and how it happened – sakit hati mengenangkan.

3. My solo lunch adventure that’s happening too often – yes, i’m too conscious to eat alone in public.

4. The many summons I haven’t paid – Eh, yang kena saman balik dari PAC 2006 tu belom clear lagi.

5. The simple steps to a great cupcake – oh, done that already. Tapi yang ni LAGI senang.

6. How many friends that are enduring sickenss – morning and evening.

7. The plan that I’m not too excited about… a LOOOOONG trip to Perak – no offense to the people involved.

But decided not to, cause the lazy bones in my body are just stronger than my will of iron. If you can’t beat it, join it.

Till next time, life is Seremban is awesome, apart from the lonely breakfast. Lunch boleh balik rumah tido.


3 thoughts on “7 Things I Think I Can Write About…

  1. hahahah. echah. kau dulu pon macam tak biasa. aku biasa buat kat umah kau jugak. kalau ngantuk call sufi. hehehe.

  2. i often eat alone. some eating place people don’t mind you eating alone but some can be a jerk. boleh senyum2 tengok kita makan sorang2..

    hello, suka ati orang la-

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